Roads made of Paver blocks

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belgaumIn the city about 6 roads in south constituency are being made by concrete paver blocks. We just saw one infront of Jain Mandir and side by Jain Mandir Hindwadi.

Making roads of pavers is a good idea only if the pavers are heavy duty ones meant for frequent use as in case of inner streets. The main idea of using pavers may be the intent to maintain the road easier as in, dig n fill up etc.

Most of Bandra roads, Mumbai are similarly paved and European roads in many less traffic areas are paved too.

The it has to be seen now for how long these paved roads stand the Belgaum weight and weather. 

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  1. As you mentioned many roads in Mumbai are made of paver blocks. But at most of the places, there is absolutely no levelling. It is a very bump ride on those roads.

    I hope in Belgaum, the quality of these blocks is better !!


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