RPD the Most Happening Corner: Parking dilemma


RPD corner is the junction of RPD college road Deshmukh Road & Khanapur Road.


On any given day, corner (I would not call it a circle as it does not really have sufficient place) is buzzing with activity all day round. Young Turks keep on zooming up and down the Deshmukh Road for some sights. These young ones sometimes go zip zap zoom causing more trouble. There is heavy traffic on the main Khanapur Road. The signals installed never work, the day they worked all cursed it as the line went up to Govaves circle and Angol Cross.

This corner houses financial institutions (plenty of them), couple of banks, Grocery outlets like More, Reliance Fresh is coming up, Café Coffee day is there. (Sources have told me Axis Bank is planning to shift here somewhere).

There is no sufficient parking place in front of the said commercial complexes as all the basements are crammed up with generators and other stuff. One complex also holds residential houses so the parking is taken up the residents and the same building has More, CCD, HDFC life insurance, Airtel, Fortune Financial etc. So where do the visitors park. No doubt, there has been some parking space made available when the corporation removed the unauthorized compound walls all along the street. Nevertheless, that has not helped much.

City busses have a stop there at the corner only, which again causes many problems for easy movement of traffic. People waiting for the bus have their own dilemma as there is no proper bus stop and the buses halt at any place sometimes near the corner and some other while near ICICI bank.

The biggest problem I have found here, is the Entrance to the RPD college road is small as there are those tea stalls and shops round the corner and the road is hardly 20 feet wide there nor can it be made a one way also as there is no alternative road. In a month’s time, a Sarvajanik Ganpati Pandal will be set up at this site, which will add more spice to this problem.

So what should be done? Any suggestions. Do leave your comments.



  1. Heavy vehicles should not be allowed to run on deshmukh road as well as RPD road
    onsidering the safety of school cildrens n other pedestians, Reckless driving of the college students should be punished,Desh mukh road and RPD road should be widened at least 10ft each side and also Traffic signal should be installed for all the intersecting points.

  2. u have given correct picture of rpd corner.the Corp can provide one way for Deshmukh road and also for RPD via Saraf Colony upto Ajantha atleast.

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