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Same work new deadlines

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People in the city were happy to get the first special grant of Rs.100 crore, which everyone said was a boon to the city. The first grant was issued three years ago, and even today works under the grant have not been completed. Every year a new deadline is given for the completion of the works. From the DC to the District in charge minister each one gives a new deadline which is never met. We had seen the courts give “thareek pe thareek” here the govt is seen doing so. All works under the 100 crore grant were supposed to end in 9 months, we have now gone past the actual due date by over TWO years.

Yesterday at a review meeting held under the chairman ship of the District incharge minister Umesh Katti, he gave a new deadline for finishing the incomplete works by march end. Work on the Glass house in the vaccine depot has also not started yet.

The road joining Basveshwar Circle as on today

Belgaum North – 81 out of the 165 works have been completed

Belgaum South – 182 out of the 204 works have been completed

The city has also got the second grant of Rs.100 crore but the same has not yet been allocated.

“Government’s Work is God’s Work” this is inscribed on the Vidhan Soudha in Bangalore. And as the work is related to God all the works are done slowly and peacefully.

Some of the completed works have been inspected by 3rd party and its report is here.

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  1. Its just an eyewash, Sala all contractor , polticians are hand in hand chors…., no one is serious about work and city, if someone take the contractor as per strict norms in tender , the work will certainly be commenced and completed with quality…otherwise contracotr and politicians togather say teri bhi chuppp, meri bhi chupp, Janta jai bhaad mein…..

  2. Well funds are available but no real work is being done. You find 50 % of the Belgaum roads in very bad condition. A group points out to Cantonment & says why this toll(Kolaveri Di) & the same group never points out at the bad condition of roads/infrastructure. Well there are more trees in Cantonment area hence more oxygen to breath/preserve this pure oxygen one has to pay toll just take this logic. Cantonment is with surplus funds when Corporation will be with surplus fund or rather let the Cantonment manage the whole Belgaum.

  3. Chya Mailaa Kannad marathi cha topic asel, bhakkam bharpur comments yetaat pan Belgav cha Vikas baddal chya Charchelaa… mhanjeee kaich bolaycha nahi…

    Namm Belgavi jana , Kannada marathi vaad iddere matra ee forum nalli comments bariuttare,, bere yenu shaharadaa abhivaddigaagi yaaru maat nadalla…

  4. I am from Belgaum and visit the city every year. The whole system there is corrupted and lethargy has set in. No one does anything and inspite of the special grant given by the Government, the officials and the authorities there are sleeping. The people are cold and indifferent.
    I am convinced that this city can never improve.
    You should see how the works are carried out and with what speed in places like Dubai, Bahrain and Jeddah.
    A massive flyover is completed in 5-6 months and the Metro system starts functioning in sharp three years.
    Shameful of you all Belgaumites!


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