Skywalk from CBT to College road in Belgaum ?

skywalk belgaum
The 1.5 kms road marked on Google Maps

The Sakal, Marathi Daily in its lead story has mentioned about a Sky walk from CBT to Yende Khoot, thats Rajendra Prasad Circle at the junction of Samadevi Galli and College Road.

The story further says that it would be part of the JNNURM program for which an agency has been asked to prepare a report in a week time. The said road is always crowded and hence the authorities feel this would be good alternative. There would be exit on Ganpat Galli Corner, Ramdev Galli etc.
All said and done, we must first congratulate the brains behind this idea.
The said road is 45 feet wide and a 1.5 kms sky walk is this feasible. A simple foot overbridge was on college road was not utilized and hence was removed. The under pass at the court is not being utilized and then why this big plan?

What about basic plans? The Bapat galli car parking which was to be made into a multi level car parking is being on paper since 2005.




  1. Simple question to the authorities, Consider Skywalk is a success and say few people also started using it have the authorities thought abt the shops in that area?

    What abt the business hit in these areas as people in and around Belgaum come here for shopping wont that be impacted…

    There are many good things pending from long time give priority to those things then coming up with some stupid ideas…

  2. Instead of skywalk they should go for flyover.
    cos public go by walk for marketing purpose, they will go by main road not by skywalk. Again it wl b like yandekhoot bridge and court underground path. Nobody will utilise it. But if they construct flyover,automaticaly traffic will be under control.

  3. i think it wont be utilized by people.. because people always visit shops one after other, they visit shops which are at distance 50ft, or 100ft… so all will go on regular roads watching shop name on regular occasion…
    its my opinion

  4. It’s good idea to by-pass crowded area through sky-walk… but first question is- will it get accepted by pedestrians…? I have seen sky walks in Mumbai, part of which are not being used by active pedestrians except love birds…! they failed to serve the purpose not because of bad concept… they failed for bad design…!

    Through AAB, I would like to put few primary design consideration
    1. At intermittent locations provision to be made for commercial shops serving for mobile accessories, news paper stalls etc. They will attract commuters and will generate revenue for sky walk maintenance.
    2. Provision for small bill boards will again add up for revenue. But number of such boards should not spoil the aesthetics of sky-walk.
    3. Solar panels to be used for lighting purpose. At such height, panel will be less prone for damage from mischief-makers.
    4. Small sitting benches to be provided in case needed for senior citizens (not for love birds).
    5. If lighting is done through electricity, arrangement should be such that 50% lights should get off in late night to save electricity.
    6. All the entries should be gated to restrain entering pets.
    7. Overall maintenance to be tendered to private service providers under strict monitoring & enforcement (to compliance) of administration. This will also help to restrain encroachment by migrants & hawkers.

    Further details/clarifications (if any) can be shared through me upon direct contact.

  5. Looks like another project to hijack public money.
    They would be better to construct a 2 wheeler/3 wheeler path instead more money stake.


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