Third gate to Peeranwadi will be 120 feet road


On Tuesday the PWD department took the marking work for the proposed 120 feet road from 3rd gate to Peeranwadi.

This was a long demand by the industrialists of Udaymbag. The road widening was approved long back but as it is a part of NH 4A the PWD department earlier had said that it can’t take road widening work, but now after the district authorities issuing a order to the PWD to undertake the road widening work the PWD has begun the work.

As this road leads from Udaymbag this road till Peeranwadi will ease a lot of traffic problems caused to the industries there. The work will commence soon.


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  1. it is very good news road is widening 120ft in CLUB ROAD which has to be done realy 5 yearsback. This road widening will give a new life as you can see it now the road is busy and will be dangerous road from Hotel Milan to Harsha Circle if road is not made now. Already many of the buildings have maintaained space for road widening and it should be easy for PWD/corporation for CLUB ROAD widening. Whatever the consequences it is right move now as the funds are alloted.

  2. hi editor plz post some photos….i would love to c my city grow and become beautiful…..
    i'm currently abroad…….

  3. its a gr8 news of the road widening spree in bgm city…which was much awaited by belgaumites….the city is growing really fast these days. waiting for the IT boom to happen soon….anyways the road will be much safer for the college going students as many engineering and other colleges are placed in that part of the city..hope many more developments do happen…i think even club road must be doubled upto hindalga….it is also a busy and dangerous road

  4. Hi Satish, Good Morning…
    Amjad( Bgmite) frm Saudi Arabia… agree with yr comment. We really need to do something on this infrastructure / airservice issue.

  5. A very thoughtfull note from Maqsood , Iiving abroad I always dreamt Why not Belgaum be geared up for better civic infrastructure , but it seem to be happening now ,Although Corporation (i would call it Corruption) is bunch of filthy and greedy shit odds , but I appeal Belgaumites , specially the youth to come forward stand for election and make a difference from your ward, repesent your ward as cosporators, maybe Mayor tomarrow , well we all deserve a better living are'nt we?

  6. 'FOUNDRY CLUSTER","QUEST",120FT ROAD,Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Belgaum is adding new fethers to its cap. I request the editor to post regading the developments of Air-Services to and from Belgaum.

    • There are no air services from Belgaum currently. we have a airport but no planes to fly.
      The DUEST sez is not excatly in Belgaum, it is on NH 4 towards Kolhapur near Hattargi

  7. “QUEST”,”FOUNDRY CLUSTER” ,”120 ft road”, Great!!!!!!!,Belgaum is marching aheead. I request the editor to post about development , regarding the resumption of Air -Services to and from Belgaum.

  8. Its high time the residents of belgaum took the liberty of choosing whats good for them rather than depend upon corporates or elected representatives…who are more interested in their commission rather than beautification of my beloved city…especially with the grant of second capital status and the construction of suvarna soudha. Its also high time that we the taxpayers of belgaum city decided to live rather than survive at the mercy of the politicians….


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