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CCTV cams now to monitor traffic

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Belgaum police is getting hi-tech and the now have installed 3 CCTV cameras on major circles and roads by which traffic violators would be punished.

At this moment in the first test phase 3 CCTVs have been installed at Chennamma Circle, Kaktives & Bus stand circle.

CCTV cam at Chennamma Circle

The control room of the same is in the SP office and a single person can oversee all the activities from the control room.

The plan is to extend the same to all over the city. The CCTV can be rotated 360 degrees by which one can easily identify a violator of the rules. The Control room send a message to the constable on duty with the vehicle number and further action is taken on ground. These cameras also can shoot at night and have night vision capabilities.

On average about 60 offences are being now booked.

9 thoughts on “CCTV cams now to monitor traffic”

  1. Good move… similarly fine collection should be computerised to avoid corruption..
    And strict action must be taken against the traffic violators.

  2. This is an absolute example of waste of money, irresponsible thinking. The primary purpose of CCTV is for crime prevention and evidence gathering. There is rather a greater business justification for a CCTV in high crime areas where a normal police patrol cannot reach rather than a busy Chennama circle etc. Also a CCTV should be installed in such as way that it is not easily visible to the normal eye, else the criminal will find some way to avoid the CCTV. A normal CCTV camera as one shown above costs £20,000 along with yearly maintenance. Also, what about data protection, will the images be secured i.e I have always seen security personell in big Malls zooming in on particular persons of interest in the society more specifically the female community.
    Again, I would have thought the CCTV are well placed if they are in high crime areas but are useless for traffic enforcement. A simple tool which will snap pictures if traffic violators crossed the red signal.

  3. Absolutely wrong installation. There is no norms, and no specification followed. Soon it will meet the death bed, as the traffic signals.

  4. install this cctv in all other areas also where u can see the natak of all trafic consetables simp;ly they loot to pulic check tht also…………………


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