Traffic violators fined after photo uploaded on Facebook page

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It is always presumed that the Governments websites, facebook pages are just made for show off and actually nothing happens on them. 

The Traffic Police Page started by the Belgaum traffic police on Facebook did receive some good initial response and then the response subsided. But recently the page has become super active and as soon a photo is uploaded of any traffic violation the traffic CPI posts the notice numbers and also then posts the receipt number of the fine collected.tpb1

Take this for example. Nilesh posted this photo of a jeep causing traffic bloakcade in Kadolkar Galli and the TPB “ issued notice no.0051822 dtd.30.01.2012 to vehicle owner for road obstruction at Kadolkar galli. thank you. -CPI”
“Paid fine amount in rct. no. 0653701, dtd. 1.2.2012 for road obstruction. – cpi”

In another case the car of Cantonment board was parked for a long while in Ramdev Galli and here as well fine was recovered from the board after a photo was posted by the facebook users.

Recently a photo of a lady police officer was uploaded without a helmet and the CPI promised to identify the lady officer and fine her as the number of the vehicle was not visible in the photo.

When this blog uploaded a picture about the wrongly placed traffic signals at Gogte circle, the page was quick enough to accept that they had wrongly placed, “ We have also observed this, not only here but at Kolhapur circle also. Will get the concerned company from Bangalore to shift the signal lights.”

The people of Belgaum must use this page to upload pictures of traffic violators more often and also see that the authorities follow the complaints up and fine the violators. The response sometimes is not very fast but it has been pleasant to see that at least there has been a positive response from the Traffic police page.

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  1. great- both this chor officers are having slogan- AREE YAAR KANOON TO HUM HAIN,
    who will dare to ask us , & this fine statement is not going to happen its india all are chors

    • see their dare,this can only happen in india where the law personnels make law just a toy,
      all goverment organizations except defence shall be given to private companies for function this is only way left to run our country like other good countries.

  2. Is Helmet for two wheelers compulsory or not ? I see a lot of riders without helmets pass by police constables without invoking any reaction !


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