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Trees on RoB will have to be cut to make way for 4 laned RoB

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The British built 113 year Railway over bridge, the main conjunction has been removed recently and now the work has stopped due to Diwali and is expected to commence from Monday. The construction company Krishi Infratech worked day and night to remove the bridge part by using huge cranes.

Now as per the contract as the land is with the PWD it will have to clear the said land with all the obstructions in the way of the new 4 laned RoB and the biggest obstruction in this case are 20-25 big trees on the entire stretch.

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The RoB for years has been a green patch and has huge trees of which many could be over 70 years old. The South western Railways(SWR) had issued a press release recently which stated that it is executing track doubling work in Tumkur-Arasikere and Chikajajur-Hubballi sections on Bengaluru-Hubballi route. There were about 46 trees which required to be cut, to take up the work; but since railways has vision of green environment it decided to transplant the trees and did it with the help of agency which are expert in translocation of trees. 

But the same translocation may not possible here sources told AAB, as the trees are huge and to translocate the trees will have to be chopped first and then can be translocated which may not be a viable solution.

The trees will have to be cut first by the PWD which according to precedent 1% fund of the cost of the RoB will be reserved for the plantation of trees. Forest department will plant 10 trees for every tree cut.

So isn’t there a way to save any of the trees on the stretch ?

Cant the trees on one side of the rail route be utilized as a divider ?

When developmental works are undertaken the green cover is always reduced but the planners must plan in such a way as to least green cover is lost. Even if new trees are planted eleswhere they wont be planted near the RoB, we wont be alive to see them to the sizes that they exist now, so even if we could manage to save one tree it will be a blessing.

4 thoughts on “Trees on RoB will have to be cut to make way for 4 laned RoB”

  1. Well Said Uday. The authorities must seriously think of a way to save the trees. It will take just a few hours to chop off the tree but it will take about half a century for the trees to grow this big, & now with the rain being so scanty compared to the earlier period, it is all the more difficult for the trees to survive n sustain. Look at the state of the road from 3rd railway gate to Piranwadi corner. No new plantations have come up. How well the British had planned & planted the trees over 75 years back. That needs fore-sight n vision which is lacking. Further even the road upto Khanapur also looks barren. I don’t know what is the policy of the government. Or is it only on paper ?? The govt should re-think & implement some environment friendly programme. Or else they will dry-up the future if the citizens.

  2. Can the respective Authorities be requested to keep these trees which are presently in a straight line be used as lane dividers ?? We have request for them as to cut them which are really coming in road expansion way and try to save all others.

    These trees are really pleasant to see which also extends considerable coolness and protection from hot sun during day by provides good shade for two wheelers and others. We have to try to retain them as much as possible.

    Pramod Nayak, Belagavi (Mumbai)

  3. The authorities are only interested in cutting trees. The Belgaum Khanapur road was lined with most beautiful trees. They were chopped without any reason. There also they said they will make 4 lane road etc, but after chopping trees some permission did not come .. over .. trees gone and road also as it is.
    This ROB also surely they will make some narrow 2 lane after cutting trees and years of delay. Maybe the existing bridge could have continued after some repairs as it was in almost fine condition.


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