Two companies interested in setting up Car park

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One of the dreams of Belgaumites of having a multi level car park at Bapat Galli is on the right track as of now. Two companies, one from Chennai and one from Hyderabad have expressed their interest in the same.

Approval from the Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation is now awaited. The authorities recently visited the spot and took a note of the ground realities before they would approve any company. Under the BOT system, the company will invest money for constructing multi-storey parking building, charge parking fee for the stipulated period and later transfer it to the corporation.
The proposal is of a mechanized multi level car park to accommodate 200 cars and 200 motor cycles. The Bapat Galli car parking, which was modka bazar earlier, has an open space of 16723 sq mtrs and maximum FSI would be considered for the same, where one floor would be given to the developer for retail use.
The parking system would be a hydraulic parking system where vehicles are lifted automatically and placed in a row.

Photo from Hindu Businessline of similar car parking system in Madurai


In Sarojini Market Delhi, in a similar multi level parking system Rs.10 are charged for the first two hours, and then, Rs.10 for each subsequent hour up to a maximum of Rs 40 per day. For two wheelers Rs.5 per hour is charged. In Greams Lane Chennai for a similar system for cars they are charging Rs.20 for the first hour and Rs.10 for every additional hour.


3 thoughts on “Two companies interested in setting up Car park”

  1. Authorities Please do it fast it is the need of the hour. And please charge minimum as to Rs 10 only. As compared to Rs 20 that is charged now for the same place even if you park for 2 hrs. Also put up how much time it might require for the work to be completed after the permission given and will work start.

  2. The minimum fare should be on higher side, and maximum of Rs40/- per day should be done away with, rather it should be charged every half hour with escalation every six hours. Why no one is promoting car pooling, bike pooling, bicycles, motorcycle pilots, public transport. It seems people are interested in showing materialistic life with mostly black money.
    People should think on the lines on reaching from point A to point B in time saving manner, irrespective of mode of transport. If most of us think on these line then there will be no traffic congestion, less pollution, less worry about fuel price hike. We praise european cities and singapore for their efficient transport system, BUT REMEMBER SOME VERY HARD DECISIONS were TAKEN for that to happen.

  3. Hope BCC & the District Administration, BUDA should worktogether and make it happen at the earliest and also with more transperancy for the benefit of the public.


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