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Widespread Belgaum poor accessibility

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by Satish Kumar


There are plenty of questions that each of us rattle in our minds, discuss amongst our close group, and feel dejected or hushed after having not found a solution as yet. Therefore, here we try to voice it over to a larger group and get consents on a few such common issues:


Why are some of the important public buildings of Belgaum in the outskirts unlike the other cities in the state? Is it a deliberate attempt by the land mafia and political nexus to occupy surroundings within the city for future projects of vested interest?
As per the records, the government has set-up three bus depots (two for city) where as the new ones are to be built and operated from Tilakwadi, Kakti and Sahayadri nagar, Thanks to NWKRTC, the interest remains with the Hubli-Dharwad centric. (My thoughts – Belgaum needs to have a good public transport system and with this increased growth, the infrastructure is not at par.)


Coming back to our trailing issues:
The Rani Chennamma university, RCU (the second largest university in the state with ‘n’number of affiliated colleges) in Bhutranmatti, embellished with the remains of the gothic architecture is 15 Kms away from the city and has a poor commuting system; whereas the law university is allotted to raise within the city to reduce the distance between Hubli and Dharwad. Another issue to note is that we still don’t have university constituent colleges for RCU in Belgaum.


Even though VTU now seems flourished on the south-side off Goa road, it is yet to have its own constituent college. Some politicians have a large vested interest in setting up constituent colleges outside Belgaum (Davangere and Chikkaballapur) inspite of Belgaum having 7 engineering colleges within city limits that deserves to raise University Engineering Colleges.
In the recent news from Pudhari, the Belgaum Junction tracks towards Dharwad will divert from ZadShapur and a new station will be laid here along with lines passing towards Sambra with flyovers and other road works. Why is the government turning a blind eye towards utilizing funds to develop the existing station with adequate requirements for the junction?


BUDA has no control over upcoming suburbs and the land owners are illegally developing plots and selling in areas such as Kangrali, New Gandhi Nagar, and Khasbag areas.
Why can’t BUDA include them as stakeholders and share 40% revenue, like the way the Hubli Dharwad deployment authorities are implementing?
This would prevent uneven growth and slum- infested: New Gandhi Nagar. The civil administration failed to take the cognizance of Belgaum growth and potential. I believe it only works for politicians and “Ji Sir”, “Yes Sir”, “Yes Madam” kind of royalty.


The government built the 10,000 ton capacity storage near the city outskirts (Auto Nagar), without giving a second thought about a rail platform as a choice that could have better served the Sambra station with integrated truck terminal and wholesale food park and market. The FCI warehouses are also on Sawantwadi road without the Rail head approach.
The recent news of International exhibition centre on this very blog also shows poor vision of our Belgaum representatives and administrators who could have rather built it in and around the city suburb instead of outskirts.
Where is all this leading to? Can we all brainstorm and collectively approach towards resolving these?? I have penned down my thoughts.. you can start too..
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5 thoughts on “Widespread Belgaum poor accessibility”

  1. I cant understand why there is delay in developing new central busstand and city busstand. This is pending from long time.Hubli had got newbusstand may be more than 10 years ago and now they are planning to build one more new busstand. When will Belgaum-Dharwad new railtrack operational and we get more trains.No idea why Belgaum is so slow in all these developments.

  2. To start with very good article and it does shows time and efforts spent in compiling it. Great job:)
    If you ask about resources and talent then Belgaum has all of it especially compared to other cities of Karnataka barring Bangalore. I believe problem is we need to have people with vision to be representing Belgaum and the one who are passionate about developing Belgaum. At the moment we are seriously missing this in Belgaum. We need people who could think beyond constituency and languages which can be imbibed by young blood but to be honest it’s not easy to find it.
    We need to have committee comprising of people from various fields who could work with a vision of Belgaum development and they will have to work with elected representatives and government administration. It has to be combined effort of these 3 sections. We need to make sure that right people are representing us and the onus is on to make it happen. In my opinion for getting major projects there needs to be political and industry lobbying. I have not come across politicians who think beyond their constituency and their interests.
    I am sure there can be many more worth ideas to tackle it, please do share. It may help if somebody is really trying to do something for the city.

  3. Excellent!!! Somebody have triggered he thinking process. Agree… that the land mafia is active in nexus with politicians.

    Need a starategy for connectivity, volvo inter city buses for city travel ring roads completeion. Road around FORT from outside to ease congestion, same around the lake. need a traffc forum. Flyovers,
    brides in Tilakwadi etc.


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