Asha Patravali knits over 200 sweaters using Russian knitting technique


Asha Patravali is a known name in the field of knitting and for her amazing and unique creations by knitting. This time she has tried to use the Russian knitting technique which is said to be somewhat arduous, but she has mastered it seeing and learning it from the past two years.

russian-knit asha patravaliThe Russian knitting technique is a picking technique where instead of “throwing” the yarn around the right-hand needle, you “pick” up the yarn by moving the needle head into it. To accomplish this, you have to hold the working yarn in a specific way. Start with the yarn in your left hand.

Russian knitting technique, assured that this technique, once mastered, results in a faster, easier purl stitch and an exceptionally even stockinette stitch.

Asha Patravali of Belagavi with her Knitted dolls
Asha Patravali of Belagavi with her Knitted dolls

Patrvali has now knitted over 200 sweaters for the new born using this technique. Mrs. Patravali has also authored 6 books on knitting and has prepared more than 5000 sweaters of different shapes and sizes and used various techniques used in the world of knitting.

She has also earned a name in the Limca book of records for her creations.


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