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Belgaum band The Reach rock lovers at Deja vu on August 16

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 ‘THE REACH a Belgaum based local band will play for Belgaumites a rock show that will be held at Millennium Gardens on the 16th of august from 6 p.m. onwards.

 The band have been playing shows or the past two years now in places like the Millennium Gardens, GIT, Bhartesh college of business, Jain college, RLS, cafe coffee day and so on. 

On this occasion they are organizing a rock show themselves. The event has been named as ‘Deja vu’. 

For passes contact- Bhagyesh 9742020821.


 About the Band:

 Devina is a vocalist. Ecstatic, sweet n pampered voice of the reach is Devina best described as a bundle of joy n fun un houses when little devil sings in her style. The freshness n energy of her classically trained voice renders a very earthy n feel good factor to the songs she sings, though from the classical background she knows exactly how to rock n roll.reach-2

 Prateek – vocalist

Has a voice that goes high up n reaches the heavens. The pitch he sings on is extraordinary n way too high for most of the normal people who may try singing. His very radical n loud persona just makes the band a lot stronger.


Vardhaman- pianist

Seamlessly lost in the sounds of the piano emerges this very calm n cool pianist. His zeal n passion for music is truly amazing. An immensely matured musician that he is makes him a prized asset to the band.

  Nandan – guitarist

He can go on strumming his guitar 24/7. He comes up with very unique n catchy tunes every now n then. just loves composing new stuff n trying things never tried before.

 Andy –  drummer

The youngest member of the band is one hell of a person. He is Amazing, appealing, enthralling n electrifying. this drummer is a magician on drums. His beats, rolls n impeccable timing are awe inspiring. His contribution to the band’s success is enormous. His understanding of the entire idea of drumming is out of this world n is his strength as a drummer. A powerful force is liberated when this boy wonder works his way with his drums.

 Brian- lead guitarist/composer

The mastermind behind everything the band does. The lead guitarist is also a proficient pianist, vocalist, drummer, composer n song writer. He has a very different interpretation of the guitar n is very original n creative in everything he does. Brian is the backbone of the band. His mighty heart makes the band very strong n brave.

 Vinayak – lead vocalist/song writer

He is one of the coolest guys. He is extremely friendly, understanding and the best of all is also a guitarist.

 Bhagyesh – band manager

He manages everything shows, recordings, parties, picnics, everything. He is the caretaker n a very firm support on all the endeavors’ the band takes..

 Hitesh- sound n lights engineer

The technical aspect of performing live or recording in a room is all single handedly handled by him. 

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  1. Yeepppiee Belgaum Rocks much more,,, Guys keep going I am happy to see a band of Belgaum buddies I wish cld have been there to watch n hear u live


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