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Belgaum is a Trekking destination in Outlook Travellers December issue





The Outlook Traveller magazine in its recent December 2008 issue has mentioned Belgaum as a Trekking destination.

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In its feature of Seasonal Choices; a winter wonderland of holiday options, Belgaum is a Trekking Destination.


It states “he tropical forests of the Western Ghats, one of the world’s 18 designated biodiversity hotspots, are one of our richest wildlife areas. And this is the season to visit. The Hermitage (Rs 1,400; 9242623020, http://www.thehermitageguesthouse.com/ is an eco-lodge and working farm set in the middle of the dense forests, which have over 1,000 plant species, many species of reptiles and animals like the Malabar giant squirrel and the bison. A lot of the wildlife wanders through the guesthouse but you can also go looking—on day treks in the adjoining areas. “


The link to the Hermitage site is wrong on the outlook traveler site, I have corrected it.


Belgaumblog.com had posted details about this Hermitage Guest house, “Nersa, A Wonderful place“ way back on 12 February 2008. See it here.


Source: Outlook Traveller



  1. Nersa is also a very renowned place for a rare species of Bats. This was featured in Outlook 100 hills special about 3-4 years ago. Many people worldwide researching Bats, have visited and stayed in Nersa, which is a little distance off khanapur road from the Khanapur village.

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