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Belagavi’s Golden Quadrangle

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Where there are girls, there’s a fashion street! Ok, so we don’t have one designated area like Mumbai’s Fashion Street or Colaba Causeway or even Delhi’s Khan Market, but we do have our own hangouts where girls flock to check the latest in fashion trends. And mind you, we are nowhere behind the metros! Try elbowing through the crowd on Maruti Galli on any Sunday evening and chances are you will take a detour and avoid the mad rush! Fashion savvy belles flock this area for their weekly dose of retail therapy.

Belagavi has its favourite fashion hotspots and they are mostly situated around the golden quadrangle of Ramdev Galli, Khade Bazaar, Ganpat Galli and Maruti Galli! (now also Bhendi Bazar). The ‘step-in-and-it’s-over’ sized Ramdev Galli has the most celebrated fashion haunts for Indian and Western fashion, or may be the most extravagant sarees that are so much part of every bride’s trousseau or the others stocking the staple Zardosi and Work-sarees and dresses, among others.

Ganpat Galli

Khade Bazaar had become synonymous with huge stores and now with Jewelery stores. Ganpat Galli has a charm of its own, maybe the simpler cousin of Pune’s Tulshi Baag! From hawkers peddling fruits and socks, combs and locks, kerchiefs and a multitude of tiny shops selling your everyday ware, it is a very unlikely destination for fashion.

ramdev galli belgaum
Ramdev Galli

Maruti Galli BelgaumThe best fashion destination so far is Maruti galli.

With its wide roads and endless rows of shops , it offers the ultimate shopping satisfaction without being poncy. Girls, especially, love the shacks selling earrings, kundan and jadau imitation jewelry at the stall below Dr. Chattre’s clinic or one besides it, a couple of them at the corner of the Maruti temple which offers great bargains, some clustered mid-way around Arvind Complex. Young girls, accompanied by a bunch of friends, check out various chandelier earrings, hair clips, kundan sets, bracelets and bag a handful of the bounty before heading towards the snack shops. Mahila and Uday Vastu Bhandar and Uppins have been the quintessential shops for every young girl’s quota of cosmetics and accessories for years. They have had on offer anything from wool and perfumes to soaps and gift articles, something that helps when you are out with mom for a wholesome shopping experience. Maruti galli has an easy going way about its street vendors hawking beautiful leather bags, kurtis, sofa covers, hair bands, mirror-work bangles, bindis and household articles. 

Maruti galli
Then there are tiny outlets behind Kaveri Cold Drinks that sport colourful shoes, bags, artificial flowers and the like. It’s a hidden cluster actually. A lazy stroll on these streets will ensure you pick up some goodies on your way back home.

Maruti Galli

Belagavi has various other places for the young girls’ fashion needs, including some amazing stuff at Tilakwadi’s Deshmukh Road, Ambedkar road, Shahapur Khade Bazar, Angol area, etc. , but the charm of this Golden Quadrangle still remains unmatched. A trip to this area tops the list of the ‘Must-do’ list of every college girl/woman and surprisingly, it has lived up to its expectation.

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  1. Very well written Swatee….keep up the good work.I have ben reading your articles and can say that you are improving day-by day or should i say article-by-article

  2. Wow the trend still continues. Dear Swatee you have brought back my memories way back during my school/collegue days about 25 years ago when we all friends would go for a daily evening walk through this "Golden Quadrangle". Even now when I visit Belgaum twice in a year I make it a point to go there & catch up with friends. I still remember until a few years back my frequency of visits to Belgaum were more, I would normally book the last bus to Mumbai departing from Belgaum so that I get some prime time at the quadrangle.
    All said & done Swatee your article is awesome, keep writing. All the Best.
    I will soon plan a visit to Belgaum & cherish the memories through the Golden Quadrangle with my family.
    Missing Belgaum.

  3. It just recalled me those beautiful evening which i use to spend with my friends during my college days.. !! Thanks a lot for such a nice article.. 🙂

  4. Agree with the quadrangle concept, nice conception. Well, here is some food for thought. Forget about the young etc, following are the things that NRI remember from BGM ( now these are ones who have been settled away from BGM in a foreign country by more than 15-20 years.
    a) Firstly Kunda
    b) Mande/Mandige
    c) Sarees-Naik
    d) Maruti Mandir in Maruti Galli
    e) RPD college
    f) Pop-inn and Military Mahdev
    g) Vaccine Depot
    h) Camp
    i) Cinema Talkies, Globe/Ritz, Balkrishna
    j) Biscuit Mahdev-theatre


  5. The camp has its own distinct attire. This place is reminiscent to the good old cowboy movies. The Swany Bakery, the Porohit Sweet Mart, the Gun Shop, the Little Shoppe are a few outlets that capture the imagination of a location in western movie.

  6. Really Nice to read all that beautiful stuff.
    Kindly note that Bhendi Bazaar is all bustling now a days with latest fashions arriving from Mumbai,Delhi,Kanpur,Indore,Bangalore etc..

  7. Well, shopping in these areas can become more pleasurable if we convert these streets into No Vehicle Streets. We need to create Multi-level Parking Complexes close to these areas and have these streets designated ‘Only for Pedestrians’. The concerned authorities may please consider.

  8. Belgaum belagavi belgaov and the most is kunda Nagri the efforts of Räjpurohit . Purohit nagori sharma. Belgaum is been famous thr out the world as kunda nagari. We should b proud for it


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