Bhimgad is now officially a wildlife sanctuary

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A notification under Section 26 A (b) of Wildlife (Protection) Act (1972) makes the 19,042.58 hectare forests of Khanapur taluk as Bhimgad sanctuary. During the final notification, the area has been increased from 13,167.18 to 19,042.58 hectare keeping in view the rich biodiversity and eco-morphological importance of the area.

The critically endangered Wroughton’s free-tailed bats breed at the Barapede caves of Bhimgad.

Girish Hosur, Deputy Conservator of Forests who was behind this idea of a sanctuary said now it gives leagal protection to the entire area.

The Bhimgad area has a rich fauna with tigers, leopards, Indian Gaur, wild dogs, bears, sambars, barking deers, Four Horned Anletopel and other mammals and also has a good reptile and bird population too. The King Cobra is a prominent species of snake there.

After this notification the collection of forest produce, grazing, human disturbances are not allowed in the area spread on 19,042.50 hectares.

Its a great boon for nature lovers now that this area will be properly protected and the endangered species will have their own land to breed.

Mr.Mohan Pai has written explicitly on this topic with various photos of the areas and one should read this to understand the necessity for making Bhimgarh into a wildlife sanctuary. Click the following links to read in detail about the bio diversity.

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  1. Its an extremely important step towards making progress in wild-life and biodiversity protection in and around Belgaum….Can't express my joy at this great initiative by the consevator of forest and his team…I see it as one step forward in our path to sustainable development….I hope ABB follows this news closely and updates its viewers regarding outlay of this plan and also analyze(-by discussion with experts like local environmentalists and forest officials ) about the possible consequences of this decision on various stake holders involved in and around the Bhimgarh sanctuary(like tribals and their proper rehabilitation) and overall ecosystem of the said area….

  2. Thank You ABB for the update after a long time I get hear some thing nice about the city. My city Belgaum. i was sick of the recent activities taking place in Belgaum. There is dirty politics in Corporation. There is an issue with SP and MLA which i read in ur earlier post Roads have become sick, every now and then there is a bundh called for some or the other reason and lot of other issues . Get well Soon Belgaum


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