A colorful Holi Belgaumwali

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Holi Celebrations in Belgaum at Holi Milan program

Men, women and children came out in groups, splashed colours and greeted each other and danced to the drumbeats. In Pangul galli, a large number of revelers and devotees performed “Lotangan puja” (“urulu seve”) at Ashwathama temple.

Celebrations galore, colourful and extravagant. Heedless of the soaring mercury, the citizens of Belgaum had a wonderful day with friends, relatives and even strangers. It’s one of those festivals that facilitates reaching out to those previously unknown and leaves behind memories to cherish.

The Deshmukh road, the site of all the mis-happenings (once), was a place where youngsters assembled or moved around splashing colourful impressions on each other. The sad part of the ritual was the number of individuals who tore away each other’s clothes and tossed them up to hang on electric wires that ran through and across the top of the streets. It used to be a saddening display of a behaviour most deplorable and unpalatable to anyone who has some degree of education and civic sense.
It was a refreshing change when over the past years, the said practise was abandoned and HESCOM was spared of the task of having to clean up the mess. Thanks to the initiative of the local MLA, the public celebrations moved to Subhash Chandra Bose Ground and that too with a police presence, enough to bring some discipline to the revelry.
When the same happened this year and the satisfaction of the city having evolved to a more sensible conduct was just beginning to seep in, the pictures of the celebrations at Lele Ground emerged. It was appalling to say the least that the heap of torn clothes had only shifted location and the litter had moved to the confines of the ground and areas around it.
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  1. after 36 long years spending in Mangaluru on a job I returned recently to my native place Belgaum.after seeing the total mood of the people on Rangpanchami day today I realized that I have not done any mistake by coming back to Belgaum. in my childhood 1960s we played holi and rangpanchami but during those days hardly any lady or woman came out but today thanks to women empowerment we saw many ladies boldly coming out and playing the colors happily it is a nice picture and a modern picture of the attitude of the people. belgaum is really going towards the right direction it is a good sign all the members ladies,girls,gentlemen and the parents including the organizers deserve appreciation. The streets and the lelegrounds and every corner was colourful it shows that the city is alive.shri Ganesh chaturthy,shri shivjayanti,shri basav jayanti, sankranti,vijayadashami,moharam, Christmas and rangpanchami are the specialties of belgaum including shri nagpanchami and shri gokulashatami etc etc…..


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