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Creating earning opportunities in villages is the best way to stop youth migrating from villages to cities

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Saloni Malhotra an young leader who started “DESI CREW” India’s First Rural BPO shared her entrepreneurship experience with the students of KLE’s college of business administration Lingaraj college, Belgaum. Under the guidance of Prof. Jhunjhunwala of IIT Madras, she connected three dots that no other company has ventured into i.e., Business, Rural, Technology.DSC 0404 Saloni Malhotra in her introduction stressed upon creating earning opportunities in villages is the best way to stop youth migrating from villages to cities. Every business should venture into social service as it is an important success factor to move ahead It’s always good to break down a task at a level that is easy for people to understand. “To succeed in life passion should be any day more than the aspiration for money And knowledge”. “There’s only one person who knows what is best for you and that is yourself “.

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  1. Yes, I agree to the idea of creating earning opportunities in villages so as to stop migration to cities. Why people mainly come to city is in search of job or work. If the same is provided or offered in a village with an earning why would he/she come to city. Businesses should try and create more opportunities to villages so as to grow themselves to do some work or apart form agriculture.

  2. there is a concept of jugaad which is becoming pouplar worldwide and this venture looks like part of that jugaad, companies like GE are into this. our people’s culture, mindset and all other factors if dwelled upon in deep can take all of us very long in our journey towards better things and life.

  3. We are still Agro based economy , some agriculture reforms mainly in retail sector and contract farmaing , with some kind for production automation may thrive rural youths, one such case is of a Solhapur based agri etrepruner , developed daal processing system with high yeild and low procsseing wastage… now many are employed by him with creating interset for BSc Agri, anyway compliments to Saloni malhotra for her venture and ideas, I wish her all the success

  4. I agree creating earning opportunities in villages is the best way to stop youth migrating from villages to cities. but how do u create opportunities when company are least bothered to Invest in Tier Cities

  5. Well what Saloni is doing is too good for the rural people. In fact the the rural people should think them self as a independent entity, generate your own power, have your own small industry, add value to your agri products, try to the maximum extent to be independent (though it is a fact that you need to depend on others but try to be economicaly strong), just forget migrating to polluted metros. Have good food, pure oxygen & a good life & this is possible.

  6. It won’t stop, every villager is now wanting to be in city to have an city life and will keep migrating towars urban centres, no matter what, as its thier right too to have an good life as urban dwellers do.
    the labour payments which has multiplied several folds is attracting them towards urban centres, which they won’t get in their places!
    this is a macro problem, before creating opportunities, give them good roads, electricity , water and sanitation in their villages, they will create opportunities by themselves with those basic amenities!

  7. The step for decreasing migration to big cities from Towns & Villages should be taken on a war footing.Before and now days we find the bigger cities and metros getting overcrowded day by day while the small towns & Villages remain empty. Business Analyst ,Engineers ,Ministry for Industries should form a consortium and take up on war footing as mentioned earlier.

  8. This is no doubt a good initiative. But, is anybody aware that there is a Rural BPO in Gokak (in our own Belgaum district) called Trans Solutions, which is working silently? It has a wonderful infrastructure and setup, at par with metro BPOs. This BPO does not have the privilege of any IIT or any “expert guidance.” It is promoted and managed by locals. Still, it is successfully providing employment to more than 100 people, most of them women. This BPO doesn’t publicize it’s social contributions, but work honestly. Request all you people to encourage local entrepreneurship also. Please share or tweet if possible. Thank you all.

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  10. Dear Friends,
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