Ganesh Darshan 2011


This album is updated daily so keep coming to see newer images of the Ganesh idols in the city.

Ganpati Bappa Morya




  1. I like this Ganesh very much as this is like little child, soooooooooooooooooooo quite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thank u uday for uploading the pics of ganesha darshan 2011…. i miss bgm and ganesha darshan 2011 badly….. please provide for downloading the images uploaded on picasa….. i couldnt download any images……

  3. Thanks AAB great job, you have cherished my memories of those old days, when i was there in Bgm me n my friends use start roaming the city @ 9 pm n finish it early in the morning @ 5 pm. After seeing this All those memories are came back.
    Thx. 4 reminding me i am Belgumite n i am proud of it.

  4. Uday great job done by you by putting up the Ganesh pictures from all over Belgaum. This time i don't have to go roaming around the city to see them i can see them all at home and as many times as i want. And i think lot of people would agree and appreciate your work. Once again good job done.

  5. Mr.Uday , the Pics are very Good.Complements to you. but I have a query.I am staying outside Belgaum.I saw Ganesha Idols through out Belgaum.and I have observed one thing. I heard Marathi songs played in most of the places at Ganesha Mandaps.I understand that Language should not come w.r.t GOD.. But still , Why dont they play Kannada songs in Belgaum..There are lot of Good devotional Kannada Songs , especially on Ganapati.Also Belgaum has mixed culture(Kannada/Hindi/Marathi)… So they should play Kannada Songs.It looks as if " Ganapti festival is only for Marathi people and not for other people" and the marathi people dislike/ or hate Kannada .I am surprised that no Kannadiga has raised a question on this. What is the reason , Can anyone tell me?? I think all Kannadiga's will agree to this.

  6. Thank a lot to AAB team for your sincere efforts for making Belgaum Ganesh Darshan available on the site for one who are near and 1,000 of miles away from the city can enjoy the festival. If I am not wrong this is the First Sight that is makes us to see the Ganesh Festival on line Thanks a lot Uday K. for your best efforts

  7. Good one. I miss the ganesh darshan with family & friends with road side food like corn, peanuts etc…its a fun time to be in Belgaum especially the last 5 days of ganpati….miss you a lot..

  8. Thank you Uday for making Belgaum Ganesh darshan through ABB for one who is 10,000 miles away.I miss Ganesh festival.(If possible can u upload ganpathi from shahapur)…Wish u happy ganesh festival:)

  9. Thank you AAB and Uday. I miss the Ganapati carnival of Belgaum very much. Ganesh Darshan will be a boon for us, NRBs (Non Resident Belgaumites).

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