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Kali Tiger Reserve was earlier known as Dandeli – Anshi Tiger Reserve (DATR) is located in Uttara Kannada District about 127 kms from Belagavi and it covers the taluks of Haliyal, Karwar and Joida, Kali Tiger Reserve is part of the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka.

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The Kali Tiger Reserve comprises of two important protected areas of the region viz., Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and Anshi National Park. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary (475.018 sq km) and Anshi National Park (339.866 sq km) are contiguous to each other and form a single tract of protected area located in biologically sensitive Western Ghats. These two protected areas are administratively unified under Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve. The total extent of the core/critical area of the reserve is 814.884 sq kms.

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‘Kanara is the only one of the Bombay Kanarese districts where Tigers are found in many numbers’. A tigress with five half – grown cubs was shot near Tinai in 1878. In March 1882, a Tiger and a Tigress came out together near Yellapur and were both killed. The British Government had fixed a reward for killing a tiger and between 1856 and 1882, in about 27 years, 640 Tigers were shot dead in Kanara. Unbelievable!

Concessions were granted to the Indian Plywood Manufacturing Company to set up a factory at Dandeli in 1943. Western India Matchwood Company, Bombay, started operating in the evergreen forests of Uttara Kannada. All these resulted in heavy exploitation and rapid degradation of the valuable forests. To add to the misery the Kali Hydel Projects such as Supa, Kodsalli and Kadra submerged large chunks of forest areas and also changed the ecological course of the river Kali. The rehabilitation and also mining activities further contributed to the decline and degradation of both forests and the wildlife.

The decades prior to and immediately after independence saw the hunting of a large number of Tigers, leopards, wild dogs, barking beer, gaur, etc. In order to restrict the hunting by the public Dandeli Game Sanctuary was constituted in the year 1956 with an area of 207.05 sq km. In the year 1975 that is after the enactment of the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 the area was extended to an ambitious 5727.07 sq km and was declared as Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary.

Anshi National Park with an area of 339.86 sq km was created to the west of the sanctuary during the year 1987. In order to achieve effective management and to create total interference free zone, where wildlife can live and propagate freely, the boundaries of the sanctuary were revised in the year 1987 and the area was brought down to 834.16 sq km. Final notification of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and the Anshi National Park came only during 1998 and 2003 respectively.

In 2007, both Anshi National Park and the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary together have been declared as Dandeli-Anshi tiger reserve. There is a change in the mind set of the people and administration to make it truly Tiger oriented, which is a challenge. In 2009, another area of 77.48 Sq. Km. has been added to Anshi National Park and 163.33 sq km (in 2008) and 248.06 sq km (in 2011) added to Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Kali tiger reserve Destinations
Attiveri Bird Sanctuary is situated in Mundgod taluka of Uttara Kannada District. The sanctuary consists of a reservoir built across Tayavvanahalla at Attiveri in Mundgod taluka passing through the forests of Dundasi forest range in Haveri forest division. A reservoir was constructed by irrigation department at Attiveri in midst of forests of Mundgod range in Yallapur Forest Division in the year 1992.

The famous Castlerock-Dudhsagar trek has two options one to trek from the top of the ridge and the other a fairly easy trek on the windswept lateritic grassland called Gowdsada very close to the Goa border. Trekking trips to Kuveshi to Doodhsagar top, Kungini to Kuveshi, Anmod Highway to Anmod Micro Tower, Ivoli to Kuveshi.

Anshi Nature Camp offers great evergreen forest trek from the Western Ghats to the backwaters of Kadra. It is 45 kms from Dandeli.
Barpali to Kadra View point.
Anshi to Nesarthemb.
Bargadda to Kamargaon.
White water rafting.
Timber Trail
Barpali to Kadra View Point.
Bird Trail : Nature Camp to Maingini to Nature Camp.

Kulgi Nature Camp is a great setting for trek through the Nagzari valley with great birding and also the best shot of seeing a tiger or a leopard. It is 11kms away from Dandeli. White Water River Rafting, Jungle Safari Experience, Timber Trail, Bird Trail.

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