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Diwali is here

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Yes it is that time of the year when one plans to make it to the home town to spend a couple of days with the family and celebrate Diwali the festival of lights together and enjoy family companionship. In the recent past Diwali holidays are being utilized as the best time for a family holiday somewhere away from regular life. diwali

But for a city like Belgaum it is the people away from home town who come in to meet and spend time with their loved ones. But coming here is not easy. No air connectivity, trains are full even when we try to book 60 days in advance and the last resort the private bus operators as usual hike Fares to cash in. The same has happened this year again some private bus operators have hiked the bus fares from today till Tuesday. The normal Mumbai ticket which would cost Rs.500 is now Rs.700 and the Volvo to Rs.1000 from Rs.700. Not all operators have hiked but a few have done it. The best way is to leave a special bus with special fare, so there is no comparison you can make as the operator say this is special bus. So people trying to come in you can face a hard time. Many prefer to drive from Mumbai and Bangalore instead of paying huge fares. Anyways welcome home!

The business district of the city has been kept busy for over a week now with people shopping for clothes, groceries, decorative lamps, gifts and of course clothes. This time not many new showrooms have opened up, to mention a couple in mind would be the Allen Solley showroom on Kirloskar Road, Sanskruti- a designer saree store in Ramdev Galli and the recently opened United colors of Bennetton showroom near Civil hospital.

Diwali Lanterns of different sizes and shapes are in the market and most of them are Chinese. The original or ancient octagonal lamp made of bamboo sticks is hardly seen. With these lamps the Chinese decorative lamps are also in huge demand.diwali1

This is the best time to buy gold? Not really as the price have gone up. Today on Dhanteras 10 grams will cost you Rs.16350 and Silver would cost you Rs.284 for 10 grams. Even with this price rise the demand for gold has not gone down. Retailer told this blog people are buying gold in anticipation that it will rise to 18 thousand and we are having brisk business.diwali2

Sweets and savories the integral part of Diwali has been terribly hit by a price hike and prices of sweets have increased.

What to do this Diwali some suggestions:

Tyr and donate something to the Flood relief, we as citizens of a country should be caring of your fellow citizens. You could donate to the CM’s relief fund or other NGO’s like the Joy Bank.

Try not to use those high sound making crackers and it would be best to avoid crackers.

Most people ignore this but; try buying an original Antivirus for your computers by which you can be sure no one is stealing your information.

You could make some one’s life happier by donating to various destitute homes and orphanages like Karunalaya, Shantivrudhshram, Mahaveshwari school of blind to mention a few.

At the end have a safe and Happy Diwali! May your life be filled with colors and joy.

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