DudhSagar in 1910 and 2012

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The DudhSagar waterfalls in 1910 and 2012.

The 1910 photo was sent by mail to us anonymously. So we dont know who has clicked it.

dudhsagar 1910

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  1. is it possible to travel down to doodhsagar waterfall by road on bike from belgaum??..plz let me know the directions, journey time and road conditions.. and how far to trek from the point of parking bike ?.. whether its safe to park the bikes in that place ?.. and finally is it worth to get there on bike or a train journey would be more exciting and adventurous ?.. someone plz reply.. thanx

    • one can go on bike only upto Castle rock and then trek round 15 kms on the railway track towards the falls this is the only route. U can get trains from Belgaum to Castle rock. from the falls one can climb the goods trains and come back to castle rock

    • Safety Concerned Trains for Fun Enjoyment more exciting i would Suggest u Biking but on ur Own Risk as roads are bit Slippery in certain parts Food carrying is must as their are no Stalls Be Safe take all Things u Might Need
      Enjoy travelling


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