Durga Mata Daud: A grand success

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durgamatadaudShivprathisthan Hindustan, Belgaum division organizes a run, Durga Mata Daud (a run) on a yearly basis during the Navratri time.


All the nine days of the Navratri festival, thousands of young children both boys and girls in huge numbers gather in the wee hours of the morning to run through the streets of Belgaum. Daily one area is covered and normally the daud begins and ends at a temple or a statute of Shivaji Maharaj.


The streets are embellished with Rangolis all through the route and people get up early morning to welcome the run in their street. The atmosphere is overwhelming and cannot be mentioned in words, you just need to be running with the crowd.


Small children right from 5 years are seen running. These kids who make their parents cry while going to school, wake up early and get ready to run.


Motive behind this Daud:

The young generation comes to know about history through books. However, they do not realize the hardships faced by Shivaji during his time.  During Navratri the motive of this run is to awaken the same feeling in the heart of the youngsters. In addition, the run aims to evolve a sense of patriotism and respect to religion and a wow to protect ones religion.


The present photo is from archives. This years photo I will try and get, if anyone of you have a few please share them by emailing them to me.

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