CM at Floating cafeteria


CM B S Yedurappa along with other district ministers and officials had breakfast at the Floating cafeteria at the fort lake. Azrekar of Darshan Udyog Samuha who are maintaining the Fort the lake and the Floating cafeteria told this blog, CM was very impressed with the cafeteria and said that this will be a feather in the cap for development of tourism in Belgaum.

The said Floating cafeteria has an area of 720 sq feet and has LCD TV with a DTH connection. The Floating cafeteria has been built at a cost of about Rs.9 lakhs and is made of polyurethane.





  1. well it no longer seems to be functioning now.. they have already stacked up the chairs and put them in a corner.. it is always tied to the post, no activity whatsoever, except for the flickering tubelights in the soft drink fridge!


  2. Kiran u stole my words …hahaha…did u guys notice that only 4 people are wearing the life jackets….does that mean that others life is not precious?…hahaha….Great pictures…of the beautiuficatio….but how long will that last…few days…after that honey moon over!!!!!!!….



  3. Look closely. One would require both a life jacket and a Cap!!!

    Usuage of Life Jacket and Cap is mutually exclusive.

  4. What a piece of crap and waste of money, honestly I wont even feel like going into this cafe looking at the pictures?
    Feather in cap? I bet this won't even survive 12 months


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