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FIREPOD Belgaum’s own Annual Rock Fest

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With the idea of encouraging Rock music in Belgaum, a group of Belgaumites plan to host an annual Rock fest known as FIREPOD in town later this year.

 To get bands more inspired and geared up, they are doing a little prelude, called Prelude to FIREPOD; they will bring you a concert in Belgaum, with performances by bands from Belgaum – NH4 and Idioteque.
Make sure you are there to encourage the scene. All bands from Belgaum are encouraged to contact Amar Kulkarni if they would like to perform at FIREPOD 2009.

Sound and Lighting will be of High Standards and they pitch this should be one of Belgaum’s first REAL Rock Concert.

The prelude will be held tentatively on June 20, 2009 and the venue will be declared later, the band said.
You can also get more info on the same from Orkut &  FaceBook event links.

So get ready to get yourself ROCKED!

3 thoughts on “FIREPOD Belgaum’s own Annual Rock Fest”

  1. Hey … this is cool … BGM always wanted these events ever since I can remember … and finally we’ve got it!!! Kudos to Benny (thats Amar incase you were wondering) …

    Oh BTW, this is Aj (aka “Bumpy”, “Riffenstein”, “Axeman”, “Dhablya”, “Analog Kid”, “Digital Man”) … I play guitar with NH4 …

    Thanks Uday!! Love this site bro!!!


  2. Nice! Yeah! Way to go! People of Belgaum, there’s more to Rock than you know (or never knew).
    I play Bass for NH4! Been a long time since i rock n’ rolled!!!
    Thanks Uday! More expected about Firepod in your site.

  3. yes, all for the people of Belgaum, and thanks a million Uday for this site and the story on our event.
    Hope this encourages more n more people from Belgaum to pick up instruments, play, jam with friends, form bands… and go live!!
    Stay in touch everyone….
    btw, this is Amar ( also known as Amrya,benny, megazorb etc) i play drums for NH4.


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