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Ever Consider Donating Your Body to Science?

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It is better to be too early than too late when planning for end-of-life. Though most people avoid thinking about “the end,” directives surrounding one’s passing are some of the most important life decisions one should make. These arrangements can affect an individual’s family beyond their moment of passing.

There is an increasing need within medical communities for whole body donations. Concurrently, the number of donations made each year remains relatively low. Of the three, burial, cremation, and whole body donation, donating one’s body is the least common alternative, despite its low-to-no cost for individuals and its lasting impact on society at large.

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For some people, making a contribution to society doesn’t stop with their death. Many chose to donate their body to Science. Because the life of someone they care about ( or their own ) was saved with medical technology or a certain procedures. Some may have a desire to ” GIVE BACK”, so that more better treatments can be developed & more lives can be saved.

The circumstances surrounding passing prohibit the vast majority of people from donating organs for transplantation at the time of death. Individuals who pass away at home, or in a long-term or short-term care facility are not eligible for live organ donation. However, they may qualify for secondary donation, which includes corneas, whole eyes, skin, and bones. Tertiary donation arrangements such as whole body donation is a worthwhile alternative for individuals unable to donate for transplant purposes yet still wish to contribute to research and education.

So have you Ever Consider Donating Your Body to Science?

Understanding what happens when you donate your body to Science is of utmost importance. Before you die, you will have chosen an institute and filled out the necessary paperwork. After your die, someone will contact the institute which will usually collect your body. Once they have your body, several things could be done with it. Donated bodies are used for testing new medical tools and equipment, studying stages of advanced decay, studied for anatomy purposes, and testing new surgeries, among other things.

Some institutes will not accept very obese bodies and most will not take bodies with certain medical conditions, like , hepatitis, HIV, or tuberculosis. Bodies that suffered extensive trauma or advanced decomposition won’t be accepted either.

I want to go in for Body Donation What should I do?

First inform your decision & discuss about the body donation with your family members & doctor as well. It’s very important that you tell your family and your loved ones about your decision before your passing away. It could be difficult to speak about ones passing away but speak it out with the family and discuss funeral or memorial options, which cannot be performed as the body will be donated.
Make your wishes clear to your family, since they’ll be fulfilling them after your passing away. It’s always a good idea to put it into writing and notify your attorney, even tough this is not a must.

Now that you have decided to donate your body, you will have to Fill a form with two recent photo and attestation by two witness.
After you have filled the form make a photocopy of the same and keep it with you and submit the same to the Medical college or Hospital you have decided to donate your body.

Its important that after the death of the donor, the same must be immediately informed to the hospital to which the body has been donated since within three hours the eyes ( cornea ) have to be removed and within 6 hours the body should be moved to hospital for further treatment.

Rtn. Vijay S.Bhagwat and his wife Vinita Bhagwat have already pledged for Body donation and also donation of eyes. They have taken up this daunting task of creating awareness about body donation and eye donation and you too can contact them to clear your myths.

Mrs.Vinita Bhagwat : 9742499604

Rtn.Vijay S.Bhagwat : 9845273406

6 thoughts on “Ever Consider Donating Your Body to Science?”

  1. Comment:
    Sir there’s one trust., Dr ramannavar charitable trust… Run by Dr Mahantesh Ramannavar..
    This trust is meant for all type of donations in medical field
    Cont no 92-42-496497

  2. Department of anatomy jnmc does it every year. Organ donation is from brain dead persons , people whose body physiology is working but brain had no chance of recovery. Eye donation is from dead bodies .Eyes only means the poet cornea and not the entire eye. After death all the religious activities done before the body given to the department. The bodies are required for new entrants into medical college to study the body first hand.

  3. Very relevant article, Uday. One can also contact Bharatesh Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital. Last fortnight, the principal also accompanied the team to accept a body at Nipani in the early hours of the day, respecting the wishes of the family who then came down to Belgaum to see their loved one handed over. Very professional behaviour. Contact: COLLEGE: 0831-2469611 HOSPITAL: 0831-2467505.

  4. I have pledged my body for research. it makes sense that something which turns to dust could be made useful for research. We should make a beginning atleast with pledging of eyes. Some part of our loved one will be alive some where even after they die.


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