Gandhi and Belgaum


Some people had told Gandhiji not to attend the Belgaum(now Belagavi) session in 1924. But Gangadhar Rao Deshpande wanted Gandhiji to attend the session to give a new fillip to the freedom movement in the region. 

Gandhiji Evening Walk at 1924 Belgaum session
Gandhiji Evening Walk at 1924 Belgaum session

Veer Soudha is the memorial built to commemorate the 1924 congress session held at Belgaum where Mahatma Gandhi was the president of the Congress.

Memorial at Belagavi Station
Memorial at Belagavi Station

Mahatma Gandhi had first visited the city in 1916 and later in 1924 when he presided over the Congress committee session. Prior to the Veer Soudha, there is a plaque in the railway station premises, which also lists the visits of Mahatma to the city during the peak of the freedom struggle.

Gandhi Smarak Belagavi

There is also the Gandhi Smarak next to Shivaji Garden on Shama Prasad Mukherjee road. 




  1. Hope each of us have respect to our father of the nation in our hearts and follow his teachings rather than being kannadiga or marathi be a true Bhartiya…happy Gandhi Jayanthi always a proud Indian..

  2. Yes, I am proud to say that I too belong to hudali. I was born in the place (house) where mahatmaji stayed for three days. I am Vinayak Shripad Deshpande.

  3. गाँधी जी के दो बार बेलगाम आने और उसके प्रयोजन के बारे में जानकर प्रसन्नता हुई ।
    बेलगाम हिंदी , मराठी , कन्नड़ और अंग्रेज़ी आदि बोलने वाले सभी लोगों का है और हम सभी को इसी परम्परा को आगे बढ़ाते रहना है।

  4. FYI,Gandhiji,during this session had told that,”Belgaum is integral part of karnayaka,and even tried to sign in Kannada”.!!!

    • Nitin, get well soon.

      When Mohandan Gandhi visited Belgaum, there was no Maharashtra or Karnataka. Belgaum was part of Bombay Presidency. You may refer wiki article on it.
      Maratha empire was till Tanjavur in the southern India.
      The majority population of Belgaum was and is Marathi speaking!!!

      • Nitin, Whats the relevance of this article and your trolling? Aaj ka khana hajam karne ke liye koi our site nahi mila ki yahan aake troll karna jaroori tha? Get a life man!
        Unfortunately Abdul too fell for it. I wont say if I am marathi or kannada, although I have very strong views on it. Thats not the point of this article. I atleast hope that Belgaum citizens have the least numbers of trolls atleast 😉

  5. Some other facts related to Mahatma

    Gandhiji visited Belgaum 1916 and He met Lokamanya Tilak for the first time
    Gandhiji presided 39th congress session in 1924, which was the only session he presided.
    Gandhiji visited my village Hudali in 1937, for Annual conference of Gandhi Seva Sangh. Gandhiji’s grand daughter Manu Gandhi’s wedding ceremony was conducted at Hudali village Belgaum

  6. I had commented on similar post on same blog. two years ago.

    Gandhiji’s reply was not related to 1924 session.
    It was related to the conference held at Belgaum in 1916.
    The letter was written before April 29, 1916

    Source: Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhiji


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