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Ganesh sculpted in Sand

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Ganesh festivities commence from tomorrow and in Maratha Mandir near Railway over bridge, Belgaum you will see M N Gowri spending 15 hours a day sculpting a beautiful Ganesh from Sand.

The 23 year old Gowri who hails from Mysore who is a diploma in Mechanical engineering can turn sand into a master piece in no time. She got into this art just a year ago but looking at her creativity, it looks she has been doing this for years now.


M.N. Gowri, who is also the first and only female sand sculpture artist in the country at the moment.

Yash Events and Yash communications who have always strived to get to Belgaum something new each time have brought this wonderful sand sculpture artist.DSC01613


This is for the first time that she has made the Ganesha, earlier she has made many images of animals. 3 truck loads of sand has been used for this sculpture of Ganesha. She begins her work at 5.30 am and continuously works till 10.30 pm.  The Ganesha idol, 11ft tall, 20 ft wide and 25ft long and has been created to create awareness among the people about eco-friendly idols. 

Gowri said, each art has a story behind it and each piece of art that is made also has its own story. When this blog was on the site, she was being fed by her mother while she was sculpting. The determination and efforts put in by the young lady are noteworthy.

She first develops the concept unambiguously associated with the event, then translates it on to a paper and then follow it faithfully.

She saw youtube videos to learn the art. The artist must be very careful as this needs to be sculpted from top to bottom and one cannot make changes on the top. Gowri wants to make a career out of sand art, and she is presently exploring new avenues where a sand sculpture could be relevant.

Venue: Maratha Mandir Near Railway Over Bridge Belgaum

Entry Fee: Children Rs.5 and Adults Rs.10

The sand sculpture would be at the venue till 30 September 2012. 


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