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Heritage Clock Tower to make way for a broad road

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The various heritage strictures in Belagavi (a very few left now) something which is closely associated with the identity of the city is on the verge of demolition as it will make a way for a broad road.

The clock tower on the Pioneer Urban Bank Limited Belagavi
The clock tower on the Pioneer Urban Bank Limited Belagavi

There is a British-era tower clock at Kalmath Road, the clock tower of the Pioneer Urban Cooperative Bank. The Kalmath road will be widened to 45 feet and this clock tower building also comes inbetween the 45 feet road, hence the authorities have instructed the bank to raze the part of the structure built in 1906.

The sound of the bell which is very familiar to the citizens nearby and to so many of them who have grown up looking at the clock tower for years now, even 3 generations have passed seeing the same tower and hear the bell ring every half an hour.

Many have an emotional attachment to this tower. It is (was) used as a major landmark to inform people. Belagavi also has another such clock tower on the General Native library in Ganpat Galli.

The main building built about 110 years ago, still stands tall amongst the lot. A large bell from John Tailor Company was fitted into the clock 75 years ago. In 1939 Mumbai’s Swadeshi Electric Clock Company was awarded the work to install this masterpiece.

There is one dedicated person who winds the clock once a week and maintains the tower and the timing.

6 thoughts on “Heritage Clock Tower to make way for a broad road”

  1. Emotions are attached with this clock tower… Still I can recall clocking bell, especially in the nights when it use to be more loud… Feeling bad, but no way to make way… Hope Bank & city administration will make arrangements to preserve/relocate this master piece…!

  2. In no other country they would be destroying their rich heritage in the name of so called development. It just seems development means making 100 feet roads. What about traffic sense ? Better enforce existing laws and please stop this.

  3. It is shocking. How they can do it? In front of bank there are so many buildings are there which have come up recently. They can demolish and widen the road. But not demolishing the heritage one.
    I am sure bank management have capacity and willingness to stop this.
    We have grown up by seeing the time on this clock.
    Please don’t do this in the name of development.

  4. Razing down heritage/notable structures, which have been or become an identity or part of the identity of our city should either be preserved or relocated, not far from where they belonged and restored to their previous grandeur, if not better…..I hope and pray that the city administration takes note of this and does all it takes to preserve such heritage structures/buildings and properties and do their best to preserve our rich and memorable heritage…..

  5. There is one more tower clock on near the kapileshwar gate ( DCC bank office ). I am keen to know what is happening to it! The bridge building is already began ?? Save all heritage buildings please..


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