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Unsung heroes of freedom movement from Belgaum Munshi Mazahar Ali

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Munshi Mazahar Ali was a freedom fighter of Belgaum who lived near HESCOM counter at Kacheri Road, Shaniwar Khoot, Belgaum.

He was said to be a butler in the British army at the Belgaum regiment and being a staunch Muslim, was a follower of Wahabi moment. This movement was strictly against British rule in India and played an important role in First Impedance war of 1857.

The Belgaum gazette (page 133) refers this great son of the land as

“One Muslim Munshi in the army at Belgaum, who had been a Wahabi, was discovered instigating the others, transported for life in the connection “

Munshi Mazahar Ali was involved in the “Reshmi Rumal Movement “and was arrested by the British. He was assassinated at the Race Course grounds in presence of thousands of people.

The Corporation of the City of Belgaum has given the name of Kacheri Road as “Munshi Mazahar Ali Road”. But even now Kacheri Road is used by Govt and the public.

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