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Hotels galore – Stay Comfy, Stay Lavish

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The landscape of Belagavi is changing or we would rather put it as ‘Developing’ with the opening of UK 27 The Ferns (Star hotel) and Native by Chancery in this little cozy town.

Tourists and others visiting Belagavi in the olden days would recollect that a good lodge was then Saraswati Lodge (Nana Shankar Sheth Marg) where the Who’s who of politics used to come. Then there were other few and then there was the birth of Ramdev, Satkar, Milan, Sanman, Anupam all almost opened in the same time or may be a couple of years in between them.

Then we had the Sankam and the Adarsh Palace making their entry which gave a touch of luxury to the stay here. With changing times, we saw VITS open which then was renamed as Eefa now on Club road.

UK 27 Ferns

However in the last one year the total graph of the travel industry has transformed and we saw the first 4 star hotel the Fairfield Marriot open in 2017 and now in 2018 we have the Native by Chancery hotel (Opp Dmart near Third Gate, Tilakwadi) and UK 27 The Ferns (Dr. B R Ambedkar Road near Pantaloons) have made a soft launch and would be officially launched in the next fortnight.

From the common toilet/bathrooms to the luxurious bath tubs(one needs to be however careful using them), the entire landscape of the hospitality industry in Belagavi is seeing a vast change.

native chancery belgaum

Maybe the needs of the tourists or the business travelers have changed, attribute it to anything the new two hotels will add around 130 + rooms to the existing 1700+ rooms capacity including all types – small and big.

Fairfield by Marriott Belagavi

Fairfield by Marriott Belagavi is a 114 keys 4 star hotel, while the UK 27, The Fern, Belagavi is a 90 business room hotel whereas the Native by Chancery has 54 rooms at your service.

The biggest question that arises to many would be where is the scope and what would be rate of occupancy. But with newer hotels coming up the older ones will have to upgrade themselves if not to match but to match the current time and lifestyles. The pie will be shared initially as we have very limited corporate exposure and also in that terms with tourism. The rule of survival of the fittest is here to stay.

Shankam Residency

All the above hotels also have their own restaurants like the Native has a Veg restaurant with bar while the UK 27 Ferns will have a Spices veg restaurant, Melange a multi cuisine restaurant and also lounge. Already the Sanjeev Kapoor’s Suravie (Lounge bar) and Grain of Salt have opened on Dr B R Ambedkar road above Inmark, Copper Chimney or the Irish House are also there and Barbecue nation will open soon.

Many of the new entrants are offering some great discounted packages for birthday parties, engagements, marriages, receptions etc which the local established hotels are not able to match with the prices then what ?

So the choices are many, this little cosy town is now opening up its feathers to fly high. Welcome to the new Belagavi.

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