Interesting Objects in the Night Sky

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What’s in the sky above me???? This question probably triggered each one at least once in lifetime.

Galileo Astronomy Club of GSS college in association with Makerspace Belgaum organized a talk titled “Interesting objects in the night sky for beginners” by Mr. Harshad Joglekar resident of Belagavi.

harshad joglekarMr. Joglekar introduced the world of Astronomy to the amateurs. He introduced the various low cost equipments like binoculars and telescopes that are easily available in the market that makes this study even interesting. He highlighted that there are various free softwares available to help a beginner map the sky objects. Interestingly he also informed that most of the objects can be seen by our naked eyes and these instruments add up to clarity. His talk reached a layman while he explained the difficult terms like constellations, galaxies, comets, black holes, the changes in longitudes and latitudes of these objects with time in a common man’s terminology. Stellarium is one of the free google sky map app that can ease a beginner’s sky study. While SkEye is an Astronomy android app that is developed by Mr. Joglekar himself.

Various questions raised by the audience like how to identify a black hole? How this study helps a satellite launch? How the observation of various sky objects differ with change in position on earth? Different moons of Saturn, Jupiter ? were answered.

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