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Need more facilities at Dudhsagar – Tourists

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by Vishal A. G.
It’s my second visit to this awesome water fall (first in 2005). From then till date, connectivity options remains same. Either we have to reach in the early morning through Goa Express or have to wait for weekly Poorna Express. For coming back only option is returning Goa Express (from Madgaon) which halts for few minutes unofficially.dudhsagar-crowd1

Because of convenient drop and pickup trains on Sunday, most of the tourist decide to visit this place on Sunday. We too decided to travel on Sunday. When we got down at Doodhsagar station, we were confused to see huge “Janasagara”.

It’s gathering of more than 1500 people in a short stretch of 500mts along railway track. Tourist from north Karntaka & south Maharashtra are common to this place. After showcasing this amazing water fall in Bollywood début Chennai Express, we found people from  Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai & parts from Kerala are also travelling to Doodhsagar.dudhsagar-crowd

Even after late arrival of Monsoon, water fall is at it’s peak. It suits for the name Dudhsagar as it resembles to milky white. On the connecting bridge, its like natural water shower from water drops spilling out of waterfall. Walking through tunnels ha awesome experience. Small water falls all along the railway track, gives good nature bath (to be specific it was water massage). Curved stretch with green all around resembles like nest of nature.

While coming back we felt sorry, for the passengers of Goa Express, who allowed us to board the reserved bougies. We were totally et because of heavy rain. Imagine state of compartment with full wet people and water dripping from their cloths. It was pathetic.

Considering this Tourism department should show some interest in this part of the world. Railways should provide some basic facilities like toilets on Doodhsagar station. Basic platform & toilet facilities should be provided.  Special trains should be run to avoid disturbance to long route passengers. Govt of Goa & Karnataka should join the hands along with Railways to development of this tourist attraction. 


AAB input- DC Belgaum, N Jayram had also made a request to the Railway department for better facilities and connectivity to Dudhsgar especially during this peak tourist season. 

5 thoughts on “Need more facilities at Dudhsagar – Tourists”

  1. Dear Nature lovers,

    I “STRONGLY DISAGREE” with the title ‘Need more facilities at Dudhsagar – Tourists’.

    We humans have already created devastating and irreparable damage to the nature & now their are few remaining which I hope will remain & safe guard their purity & beauty.

    Please please please STOP STOP asking for more…… the cost of nature.

    FIRST respect. care & clean the nature, & STOP spoiling nature.

    Thanks & regards,

  2. I totally agreew ith Praveen… Dudhsagar the way it is now its the best… we are not bothered if people are coming from around the world… i would request the authorities to keep this place natural .

    Additionally we need fine people who carry plastic bags and litter the place..

    If there are multiple trains started then we will loose this natural pristine location and make it a commercial spot..

    All readers.. pls try and walk along the tracks from Castle rock……

    • Hi, Last year visited twice to this place. Both the time I got pain viewing littering the entire place by plastic, liquor bottles and other things. I never seen such littered place else even though the connectivity is not regular. Cruel minds are destroying such a prestine place.


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