Northern Fort Gate Belgaum of 1910

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Belgaum Fort Gate in 1910
Belgaum Fort Gate in 1910

In my endeavor to get you the past of Belgaum, with some nostalgic old photos, which have never been published in any local new paper until date, here is another one.


This photo is of the Northern gate of the Fort taken in 1910.

Many readers will say why is this site becoming historical then latest, Friends history is history and we have to learn from history.

I found it on Ebay.

7 thoughts on “Northern Fort Gate Belgaum of 1910”

  1. great picture. for someone like me who has spent most of my childhood in fort moving in and out of this very gate, the picture brings back lovely memories.
    an excellent rare picture uday

  2. Nostalgia, images , childhood, secure things are all good. While we are at this,
    does one know about a person Prakash Narayan Sant ??

    He has written 4 books in maraThi in which he has portrayed pictures of childhood which is quite complex to the core in a fairly simple terms.

    Would urge anyone associated with Belgaum in a manner or other and bet she/he would love it to spread it to wider circles.

    The books are

    “vanvas”, “sharada sangeet”, “pankha” and “zumbar”

    Pune all india radio had adapted it and made about 13 or 26 episodes of the same some time back. I was lucky to hear a few episodes of it. Pray more will be able to ear them in future. ( should ask all india radio dharwar or all india radio sangli to air them. They should also advertise about the broadcast timings/details well in advance so that “kan-sens” will keep themselves achored near a radio set at the time of broadcast.

    Hope this site is used for doing something on this front..

    bye for now

  3. its realy fine picture. i was there in 1982-86 for studies. fort picture excelent. praksh sant is son of indira sant? i know him.

  4. Hello, Uday, thanks for maintaining such a beautiful blog. Pictures you have uploaded are very rare, you must had taken lot of efforts to get those pictures. Commendable effort.

  5. This place is very crowded now. Inside the fort there are very old buildings meant for military purpose, housing and temples where worship still goes on. A visit to the fort is worthwhile. Fact that the fort needs maintenance and beautification is quite evident. Security arrangements need to be tightened. – S.S. Divakar


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