ON-TAP- The Coco-Revolution

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by Sameer Majali

We have always been a town of cool climate and cool lifestyle often deemed lazy by our metropolitan peers. Reputed to be a hill station without significant hills, we have often been a cause of neighbour’s envy too. 
Times have changed with progressive pursuits and the mercury often scales unknown highs of the upper thirties. As summer sets in, there is a flurry of enterprise aimed at making the best of the global warming phenomenon.
One trusted source of relief is the trusted old coconut with its cool, healthy and refreshing liquid core. Human progress seems to leave nothing untouched and this summer promises the coco-revolution with the arrival of the L-Neer carts in town.

A glimpse of the green is always a soothing delight to the eyes and this is the first feature that stands out about these carts. The brand name is innovative enough and so is the whole assembly that provides an apparently healthier alternative to the traditional tender coconut services.Lneer belgaum

There are two aspects of the L-Neer cart that are noteworthy. First is the contraption that has been designed to pierce through the top of the coconut. It gives the whole thing a better look and a hygienic appeal as compared to the partly rusted and blackened knife that’s used traditionally. This plunger is made of stainless steel and goes right through the delicate top region, into the core. There thus is no rust staining at the top region from where we dip the straw.

A few days ago, I remember talking to a friend, expressing my desire to have chilled coconut water this summer. The L-Neer cart developers seem to have taken note of my request and there is a provision for getting chilled refreshment. To the left of the table top portion of the cart is an arrangement where pierced coconuts are inverted into two bowl- shaped regions so that the water flows into the container within. The liquid is then cooled using some kind of cooling mechanism and there is an arrangement to literally serve it “On-tap”.

The product is priced at Rs.15/- per coconut, which I gather is also the price of the regular version of tender coconut in city.lneer2 lneer1

Presently there are two L-Neer carts in Belgaum, one being at KLE Hospital and the other, the one at Deshmukh Road, Tilakwadi. As per the details obtained, this is what they call “A Sheri & Sons Venture”. There are plans to have more carts in the near future, beginning with one at the Central Bus Station. They also offer to cater to the needs of weddings and parties.

Innovation is always a delight and one can only hope that the L-Neer carts succeed enough to revolutionize the way we drink coconut water. A couple of things about the cart could be improved to ensure better hygiene but in all likelihood, this summer may turn out to be……

On Tap-The Coco-revolution”

8 thoughts on “ON-TAP- The Coco-Revolution”

    • Hi Rock,

      The picture is taken on the very first day.
      The garbage that you see in the background is dumped by the localites there since long.

      Infact we have cleared of the waste later in the day.
      You can have a look.

      We also dispose of the used coconuts on a daily basis without littering them around.

      Very soon we will be finding a permanant place somewhere around there instead of placing the cart on the roadside.


  1. L_neer is a great start @ Belgaum.Health is wealth…. Go have one coco pani a day.We would like to see more coco carts in the city.
    Long way to go..

    • Thanks Shree.

      Yes, you will surely see more carts coming up in the City.

      We will soon be introducing few flavours which can be combined with Coconut water to give a more relishing drink.

      So, Beat the Heat with Fresh and Chilled Coco Pani.. 🙂


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