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PLATN – on-demand service app that can help with household chores

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How many times have you faced problems finding an electrician or a plumber or an AC repair guy? With the busy city life, it sometimes gets really thwarting in finding the right guy for that small but important job at your home. Each one is busy with his/her own life due to which household chores and other errands tend to get pushed.

To deal with such mundane annoyments, you should keep the PLATN app (Android) on your phone. From plumbers, IT technicians to AC repair guys, you can practically find almost anything from the catalog of services.

You may be a homemaker, a working woman, a senior citizen, a student living on rent or a bachelor staying alone. But these everyday problems are common to all.


PLATN app is an online repository of solutions, as it offers a wide array of services such as AC repair, cleaning, electrician, plumber, Battery repair, Bike repairs and much more. Users can pick up the required service upload a photo so that the service provider gets a first-hand look at the problem and then the service is allocated to the pre-verified vendor who does the job.

Platn is a project developed by two engineering students from Belagavi, Suraj S. Patil(an alumnus of Jain College of Engineering) and Kaushal Topinkatti B(a final year student of Gogte Institute of Technology).

Basically coming from an engineering background they wanted to add a gist of technology further leading to the solution in the form of PLATN a service providing app which is as of now serving the needs of our hometown users of the city.

Kaushal Topinkatti & Suraj S. Patil
Kaushal Topinkatti & Suraj S. Patil

Speaking to AAB, they said, we always wanted to do something different and smarter and wished to create something new that will help people in a better way to ease their life. After working on many projects, we finally narrowed it down to a problem of lack of service providers in Belagavi for different household chores.

It is so difficult to find the right person for a particular job for our need. Whether it is Plumbing, Electrical Work, Bike Repair, Car Repair, Home Appliance Repairs or any other kind of home service, it is a headache to get the right men into work. Realizing this we planned to start “Platn”, which is one app to fulfill all your needs at your doorstep.

When we asked them why only the App and not a website, Suraj said it was his final year project and they were now also working on a website which will make it easier for all and Os independent so that anyone can go and raise a service request.

You can give a call to book a service +91 9449817629 or +91 8618368867

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3 thoughts on “PLATN – on-demand service app that can help with household chores”

  1. Though it is new for Belgaum; however, similar services are operational by another operator in Bangalore since long time with brand name “Local Oye”.
    Congratulation for the efforts.

  2. This will be a good idea as we were annoyed of finding and calling some service men… but now its just one click away. Well done, keep it up.


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