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REINVENT YOUR LIFE!!! – build values to design your FUTURE

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A for… APPLE, B for… BALL – very confident right? Well, today this seems pretty easy, but when you were 3 or 4 years of age, you needed frequent corrections and had to memorize a lot. The course would be completed when you knew thoroughly till letter Z for ZEBRA and to complete it, you had to repeat and repeat until you were perfect. The above scenario will help you understand that during our childhood we all knew where we had to start and where we had to end with a set pattern of A to Z. You were clear about your GOAL with direction. Whenever you were stuck, you would always start back from first or take a little hint from your parent or teacher and continue, but never ever gave up because you knew you could Finish well. Life is all about understanding the A to Z pattern designed after the kindergarten as well.

Slowly, you started growing by getting less and fewer answers and hints to your questions (non-academic). The only time when people would get answers was when they understood the fundaments of it or repeat and learn lessons thoroughly. The journey of your LIFE has started long back with the letter (A) and the problem now you face is that you do not know at what letter have you reached currently in your life and when is the last letter (Z) nearing. It was very important for you to experience some lessons because they now give you the confidence to deal with tricky situations, no matter at any stage of your life.

Frankly, we all have fears of getting stuck in the wrong path or losing the right direction and this is where we cannot identify our journey correctly. People think and start assuming so bad about their LIFE, that they forget the journey always has to move ahead despite slow in pace or maybe slight change in direction. This is like the child gets stuck on an alphabet and repeating it many times or trying to say next wrong alphabet with hesitation (L, M, N, O, O.. O… Q?… no P, Q, right). Remember, the journey can be modified and continued again only if we are willing to listen to others opinions and welcome their ideas in our life. With one suggestion (from parent or teacher, the child gets going with the alphabets fast again), things can change, but this is where our natural tendency to think comes into the picture, that is to See The Negative First In Any Situation. There is a strong need to understand the situation and change our Mindset accordingly.

I think everyone should be Rich and Famous because then will they understand that is not what it takes to be HAPPY.. – Anonymous.”

Understand that if we choose a good set of values and follow in our life then we can program our subconscious mind to eliminate many of our problems. Values can be shortly described as THINGS, WHICH MONEY CAN’T BUY. One way to look at it is by taking a social media example; Facebook Wall or News Feed of an individual profile – how does it look? What difference can you see between the Facebook Wall of two opposite thinking people and secondly, Why is that difference? The people whom you LIKE and FOLLOW make a difference in how you feel, learn, get motivated, feel inspired or encouraged, be more caring, form good values, have positive thoughts, being a patriot, OR be discouraged, develop bad habits, forming bad values, be an antinational, be depressed, and have a negative outlook towards life. You need to monitor these things closely and be aware of the choices you make. Online and Offline, LEARN TO BE RESPECTED AND NOT TO BE LIKED…

Children start forming values from a very young age. Parents and Society play a crucial role in it. Once the brain is programmed, you will receive similar signals or directions throughout the journey of your life, which is very hard to change and this will determine the Success you will achieve.


Develop good value system (love, respect, character, helpful, caring, etc).

Develop a strong Learning and Listening Attitude.

Habit of reading books.

Practice meditation (to boost confidence and relaxation).

Make friends who understand and encourage you positively.

Follow inspirational personalities (online and offline, BOTH).

Build positive thinking and positive believing.

Develop your communication skills.

Believe you are a “GENIUS”.

Be persistent in your approach.

Make a note of what you are contributing to society. You are the young member of this society and should take more responsibility in improving and preserving it.

Take some time if you need and start the planning because even, ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY, but try to be Better than Yesterday!!

Now, you may think from where to start, who will help and how? There can be many closed ones from your life who could wish to help you grow and guide your way, but for this to happen you need to understand that the first step should be from YOU and then they can help you move ahead. Sometimes, you get so dependent on your parents/teachers/mentors/trainers, you feel like they should come to you, lift you up, and then you will work on it. This will never help you to grow anytime. It is your journey, your plan, your LIFE so starts working on it and you will see beautiful surprises being unfolded.

Throughout the journey, there will be ups and downs. Never get discouraged when you fail because FAILURES are bad experiences and bad experiences help you achieve SUCCESS. Rejections and Failures are temporary if handled sensibly. Start contributing for the change you want to see and things will improve automatically.

You can always be the person you want, so Think, Think, and Believe that you have all the potential to “REINVENT YOUR LIFE” from any stage and can BOUNCE BACK.

You lose only when you stop trying. Your journey from letter A to Z is already designed. Understand the direction and speed you need because even successful people experience good days and bad days, but their ability to handle emotions, situations, and behavior with society makes them “Winner.”

Winners Don’t Do Different Things, They Do The Things Differently – Shiv Khera”

Wish You All The Very Best For Your Future…

About the Author: Tejas Kolekar (Personal Coach, Educator), Founder, Sanskruti EduCare ( M: 9916835550

1 thought on “REINVENT YOUR LIFE!!! – build values to design your FUTURE”

  1. “Life is not a problem to be solved..but a mystery to be lived.”
    No one can manage,manipulate the life by beliefs,assumptions,dogmas,idols,mentors…
    The educators should be educated…
    The learners should be allowed to question,explore,examine,pierce and penetrate the “life.”
    “Morals and values”are relative concepts and not the facts.
    The student of life understands the very moment of being…and never copies the others.
    Thanks and best wishes,


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