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Sabse Acche Din!

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A few days ago, my students (at our B-School) asked me if we’d be celebrating special ‘Days’. Normally I’d have thought that the charm of these ‘Days’ ebbs away after graduation, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were ready to go about routine classes and celebrate the ‘Days’ after

Normally, all days are equal, but some days are more equal than others. Especially if you are newly in college and are wide-eyed surprised at the open environment it offers, now is the time of experiencing these ‘Days’. Literally. College life is inherently beautiful and ‘days’ celebrated makes it more so. A few days ago, the UG students of our college celebrated ‘mismatch day’ and I wondered how they’d pull this off. But when I saw gorgeous young girls wearing blazers on sarees with sneakers to match  and handsome boys donning  ties with dhoti, I knew it is the sheer pleasure of it all that counts. Since the nineties when we were in college, these special days were like a whiff of fresh air.

Now I think of it, we all wear pink and black-and-white so frequently, but when worn on that specific day, it becomes special. To see the whole college turn out in similar themed attire is pure joy. Pink day, Tie-and-saree day, Mismatch day, Traditional Day, School Uniform day ( yes, they do celebrate this day! ) , Rose Day, Western Day, are some of the days celebrated in colleges in Belgaum. What do they do on these days? Well, check out how everyone looks, laugh and giggle while moving around in groups, take loads of selfies and groufies and end the day at some eatery.

Girls have to plan it hard with color coordinated outfits, make up, accessories, footwear and lots of other things to arrange. Boys just buy stuff or borrow from family and friends and still manage to enjoy! Some colleges organize competitions like Rangoli, Cooking or flower décor which the students participate with full fervor.

These days work like special occasions, they create memories and bring a much needed change in routine. Other than that, perhaps, it breaks ice between students and boosts the self confidence of some. I’ve seen some really shy girls look really pretty in different outfits and getting complements.

It’s not that outfits matter in developing a personality, but then there ought to be some occasion that can serves the purpose. And ‘Days’ do just that!

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  1. Love reading your posts! Just recently on our class’ Whatsapp group, I happened to see an old picture from our Tie & Saree day. Really happy to see it, we didn’t have Camera phones back then. so those pictures are really precious and hard to come by for some of us!


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