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Suhas Talwar can challenge, inspire, motivate and dare you to rediscover yourself


In my endeavor to bring forth talent from Belgaum to the fore front here is just one more attempt.

Suhas Talwar is from Belgaum and was in Belgaum till his education and also afterwards and then went into this field of Training.

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“It’s Not The Chances We Take; It’s The Choices We Make, That Determines Our Destiny.” 

Suhas Talwar has an experience of 10 years working in various fields across all the levels of organizations. His passion and the calling for facilitation transited his career into the world of facilitation. Working with diverse teams and organizations over a period of time has given him an unique insight into understanding human performance and its variables. He has an unique ability to inspire,
motivate, challenge and make people laugh at the same time. In addition to his capability to manage Soft Skills Training function, he has trained a variety of audience ranging from Executives to Managers on varied subjects. He has had the privilege to work and learn from some of the most successful people. He is absolutely committed and is result oriented. He believes in helping people create positive changes and produce measurable results by taking massive action.

Through his work we believe in creating your best life – whatever that may mean to you. It is about learning to do things in a different way, to create different results and making a permanent positive change in every area of your life. A lot of us have under achieved and wasted our potential for too long. In our workshops which are confronting, eye-opening and a lot of fun, Suhas will challenge, inspire, motivate and dare you to rediscover yourself.

Ø  What is that you exactly do?

I am a facilitator, educator and coach. I help people realize there true potential and create a best life for people through training programs and one-to-one coaching sessions. 


Ø  You have workshops on specific issues or in general, motivation?

We conduct a range of programs addressing various topics. A list of the programs is mentioned below. The programs are conducted both in-house and at a location you choose us to conduct.

  • Communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Soft skills
  • Accent Neutralization
  • Personality Development
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Behavioral
  • Analytical skills
  • Team building
  • Effective listening skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Influence
  • Customer delight
  • Time management
  • Change management
  • Campus to corporate


Some of the open programs that we conduct are:

·         Making powerful presentations – A two day intense workshop

·         Embracing Change – A half day workshop.

·         The Power Within – One day workshop

·         Communication – The Lifeline   – A two day workshop


Ø  You basically interact with the employees of a company and teach them how they could contribute to the company more effectively?

We work on the method; analyze, plan and deliver. We first meet the concerned people and understand the issues. We then meet the participants/employees of the organization and understand from them how they feel about the situation (issues). We then develop a customized program for them so that they can relate to it and hence help them to realize what they can do to eradicate the problem and enhance productivity joyfully at the workplace. 

We also provide one-to-one coaching services to supervisors, senior executives and managers of organizations.

Ø  What is the basic use of the training you give?

 The use of my training is like the use of any other thing. I share tools and strategies with people who want to be successful. I teach people that they are the solutions to the problems and they are the problem too. If you implement what you understand from my programs it’s life changing (better of course) and if not implemented it’s a waste. It’s like an degree which when used can be very powerful and if not is just a piece of paper.


Ø  Why have you chosen this field?

I have worked in various fields before I finally got into facilitation. I have always had this urge to understand human behavior and help people in some way possible. This passion of knowing what makes the difference in human performance lead me into the world of personal growth and facilitation. I have worked at a garment store, a medical transcriptionist, a manager at a call center and then with a couple of training organizations thus gaining rich experience and exposure by working at various levels across organizations. The primary reason to choose this field is the passion to understand human performance and help people to live a better life. 

Ø  How many employees help you in this?

I am supported by 3 people at this time and have a pool of consultant trainers who are associated with us. It is an ecosystem that we believe in.

Ø  Where have your workshops being held? Name a few

We have conducted most of our workshops in Pune. However, we have also conducted some programs in Mumbai and Bangalore. Most of these programs were conducted for corporates’ like IBM, Infosys, Compulink, Option one, Forbes Marshalls and a few others.

Ø  Where did you get your training done in this field?

I have been trained by some of the best trainers in the country. I was initially trained by Mr. Mitesh Khatri  of GLC and then by Mr. Kirron Gulrajani of Eternale learning for behavioral skills and leadership. I am also trained by Ms. Aparna Prabhudesai for accent neutralization and cultural sensitivity. A list of programs I have attended and trained for are as below.

  • Time management program
  • Silva mind control
  • Silva life systems
  • The millionaire blue print – Arfeen Khan
  • Open space technology.
  • Counseling skills
  • The tao of facilitation – Kiran Gulrajani
  • Accent neutralization – Aparna Prabhudesai
  • Leadership training – Kiran Gulrajani

Ø  So you travel a lot to different cities or is it you have a school?

We do have an office where we train people at the same time we also travel to any place where we need to help people and organizations through our training.

Ø  Where was your preliminary education?

I completed my diploma in civil engineering from government polytechnic, Belgaum after completing my schooling at St. Paul’s High School, Belgaum.

Ø  How and what was the response from your family when u said you will go into this field?

Well I did not tell my parents about me taking this path. My wife has stood by me all the time, strong like a pillar. My parents have always let me do what I have wanted to do, I have been lucky in this area.

Ø  You worked in a garment store, then a call centre. So that must have been hard times for you?

I would not say that the road was a bed of roses. I did face a lot of problems and this is where I learnt my valuable lessons from. I share a lot of my experiences in my programs and help people to relate it to situations in their lives and it is not very difficult to overcome them.

Ø  What motivates you to motivate others?

I have shared with you that it’s my passion to understand human performance and this motivates me to help see others in their peak state, psychologically and physiologically.

Ø  Do you do this for only corporate or also try it for college students or even school going kids?

I conduct programs for corporate and for anyone who wants to live an extraordinary life, anyone who wants to live a life of design and not a life of chance. I do conduct special programs for students. I am thinking of a program for school kids though which I will start early next year (2009).

Ø  Have you planned any program in Belgaum?

I will conduct my first program in Belgaum in January and I hope to meet and make an impact on the enthusiastic people.

Disclaimer: I have known Suhas since school, as he was in my batch. I am again and again reiterating that I am here to get people like Suhas known to the world.  



  1. Hi Suhas,

    I am really proud to hear to hear about you & your work.
    Great going …Keep it up.
    Hope to catch up with you sometime..


  2. Suhas……Tanya as I call him…..I was wondering where he disappeared….and now I am very proud to see his achievements….all the best Dude !!

  3. Hi Suhas..
    Remember me its ali i think you should know me with my name or if you dont then ill remind ya me Ali Jaggy Pune…!! Kuch yaad aya.. hows you man good you see you like this..

    Somethig to tell about you what ever ur doing is wonderful for the readers i can say i have been trained under Suhas.. Me working as a Trainer in a very known BPO.. and i am proud to say i Suhas is the person who gave me a chance to be what i am today i Stared my work with him he was my boss for my first Job.. (Katwa Infotech) thanks for that….

    Suhas if you get this msg please get back to me with ur phone number its a long time we spoke.. my email [email protected]

  4. Suhas bhai,

    So finally caught up with you and I was wondering where did you go? Great to know about all your activities.. We will catch up sometime..


  5. I have had the privilege to be in contact with Suhas for a few days .. and I beg to differ with the author of this blog on a few things that he has attributed to Suhas, which (in my opinion) produce a distinct taste of “tunnel vision mentality” to the abilities of Suhas …
    1. The author’s comment that Suhas is from Belgaon, has no relevance to the abilities or achievements of Suhas.. I am from Rajasthan. one of my roomies is from Bihar, another one from MP, and the third one form AP (and Suhas is well aware of this).. and we all felt a connection with Suhas and felt his contribution to our growth .. even after being unknown of the fact that Suhas is from xyz place in pqr state in abc country….
    2. Suhas has not only interacted with people from “Executives to Managers” but he has also made great contributions to Entry level guys like me.. and I strongly believe that; it is at this level; that his contributions make the most impact and hold the most significance..

    I do not need to read through the interview narration that the author had with Suhas; to be able to appreciate the skills and capabilities of this “Gem of a guy” and I strongly believe that Suhas can pump in inspiration into anyone .. and more importantly .. act as a “compass needle” for someone who already feels the push in a particular direction..
    In my opinion trainers or guides or MENTORS like Suhas are extremely rare and it is foolhardy to associate them with a particular area or a particular skill set or to associate them with the capabilities to address the needs of the elite few..
    guys like Suhas are universal treasures.. and they should be exploited and CONSUMED like universal resources…

    Aditya Goyal

    PS: no offence intended to the author.

  6. hi Suhas,
    It is really exciting to read about you on udus website. Keep up the good work as the world need more of you.


  7. I went thru the website and its a very well written piece. He was my trainer(sorry facilitator) for a course called Campus to Corporate(called C2c in IBM) and it was great fun. The best part about it was that he made even the most reluctant person to volunteer and participate in the events he held. Everything written here is true. I can vouch for it. Cheers 😀

  8. Hi Suhas,

    I know him since two years. I am really happy what he is doing right now.He is a person who always listen to his heart.Straight forward and combination of emotional intelligence which is very important now a days.

    I wish him luck for his future work..



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