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The Toastie Tales of Belagavi

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Even before you order some food at The Tea Toast Co., you would just grab a chair and sit for a while, simply observing the crowd, soaking in the playful vibes, allowing your hair to flow in the merry breeze and enjoying the music that’s just perfectly chosen for an evening like this.

The Tea Toast Co. (TTTC, for brevity) is a true-blue Belagavi-startup, a refreshing new food outlet spread across some much appreciated open space at the busy business district in Belagavi, at Tammanna Arcade, opposite Hotel UK-27, Civil Hospital Road. It manages to be different by simply not trying hard to be one; something few eateries manage to pull off successfully. The warm yellow color of the façade has been customized, the spacious layout and the delightful menu (guess what, the prices are way too reasonable) and the familiar compelling smell of food and chai wafting with the cool breeze just doesn’t allow you to vacate your table.

For years, Belagavi has had its share of restaurants and food joints in all shapes and sizes, but this place makes it feel that this is exactly what Belagavi lacked, and finally got!

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TTTC started its first outlet at the Belagavi Airport in August 2019 when there was little by way of on-the-go healthy food for travellers and the next one in January 2020 at the spacious location opposite the UK-27. The outlet is manned by well trained staff. With the current pandemic situation, all due care is taken with frequent sanitization, including shutting down the outlet for a good half day every fifteen days for pest control.

Triumph of The Toastie Trio:

On any given day, you would meet at least one (or all three) of the founders, Akshay Kulkarni, Akshay Kathariya, and Rahul Kednurkar, all astute techies, diehard foodies, and accomplished entrepreneurs. The three friends who complement each other and fit in like a solved jigsaw puzzle, ideated on the next project together.

They were sure if it’s anything, it’s got to do with food. As for the name, well, it came about organically, inspired by their favorite food item while in college- the quintessential Belagavi chutney-toast that they relished. And tea! Heaven! But the TTTC Toast is not your Rusk wala toast, it’s the soft bread kind, it’s the Toastie. More than what they wanted to offer, they knew what they didn’t want to, rather and it made sense to start with. They didn’t want to do the regular café thing for sure. And it had to be Veg for all its health benefits.

The trio is bustling with innovative ideas and plans for expansion. They have now ventured into the Food Truck business with the first custom – made Truck set to roll today, 10th December 2020. The Food Truck will be parked in a private plot with good seating & ambiance besides Indian Oil Petrol Pump, Congress Road, Hindu Nagar, Tilakwadi, Belagavi. They are also open for franchisee options across India.

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What will you get at TTTC?

At TTTC, along with the rustic music, you are served a tray of lip smacking and appealing food. The food is also available in takeaway options with good quality paper boxes. What’s more, they have even designed a paper flask that can hold tea for a longer time, perfect for serving a large crowd. Toasties, Bunny Chow, Salads, French Fries, Rice Bowls, Masala Dosa Waffle, Paneer Shashlik, Corn Cheese Bowls, Bun Maska, Pasta, Sandwiches and an interesting array of healthy teas (Green tea, Tulsi, Chamomile, Detox, Hibiscus, Immunity boosters), Latte, Cappuccino…you get the drift? Already drooling, are you? There’s more on offer than can merit this space.

The place is slowly gearing up to offer live music and performances (already underway on weekends), separate sections for hosting birthday and kitty parties and dedicated smoke zone. The three young turks are buzzing with ideas.

As you bite into your last bunny chow and finish the cheese chilly toastie on the side, you’re already planning your next visit for the other items on the menu and a good chai. And yes, while the winters last, that’s one more excuse to drop by on the pretext of shopping and fatigue. After that, who needs an excuse for such great experiences, anyway!

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  1. Overall experience at TTTC is good.. But menu is really limited.. Should increase the variety of dishes available.. Should include sizzlers.. Pakodas… Pizzas etc

  2. Had a Lovely experience at TTC enjoyed the menu loved the salads n sandwiches. Had a lovely evening with family and friends. Keep the good work n also please maintain the same taste


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