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Belgaum to Puducherry and Tirunelveli possible by rail in some days

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indian railwayWe missed this on the budget day, but today we got a note of this extension of the Chalukya Express

11017/11018 Dadar-Yesvantpur Express.

The said train is now being extended upto to Puducherry (3 days) via JolarpettaiKatpadi-Villupuram & to Tirunelveli (3 days) via Dharmapuri-Erode.

The extension which is expected to be effective since late April or May will connect Belgaum to Puducherry & Tirunelveli will be a very good connection but the travel time would also be too long.

One could be connected to Hosur, Dharmapuri, Salem, Erode, Karur,Dindigul, Kodaikanal road, Madurai on the Tirunelveli route.

0 thoughts on “Belgaum to Puducherry and Tirunelveli possible by rail in some days”

  1. I am not sure how much will it help Belguam residents, but possiblly it will eat up some quota of seats besides dealy further the travel time to main stations such as Bangalore and chennai..

  2. For Belgaum people ,it’s of no use, only for the people who travel from either Mumbai /Bangalore to Tamil Nadu it is useful. During heavy rush days it will packed from Puduchery and other places like Salem/Dharmapuri. We need a separate train only for the people of North Karnataka urgently between HUBLI AND DADAR OR PANVEL.

    • Whether north karnataka means only Hubli and Belgaum or it includes Gulbarga Bidar and Raichur and why you want trains to pass through only from Belgaum and Hubli. Hyderabad Karnataka area is the real North Karnataka and not Hubli .

  3. this train is of no use to the people of belgaum, we need vasco, miraj, pandharpur, solapur, daily train so that people travelling to pandharpur from hubli and belgaum dist will be benifitted, and also a regular daily train between belgaum or hubli pune,

  4. In this budget we were expecting atleast one train from Kolhapur to Chennai via Belgaum, Hubli. Lot of people from Kolhapur Belgaum come to Chennai, face lot of difficulties to change the train either at Bangalore or Renigunta.

    Hope Railways will consider the difficulties faced by people like us & start a train to Kolhapur.


  6. This extension of chalukya express to Tirunelveli is a boon to the passsengers from south that they can reach the north karnataka with out a change of train at bangalore.
    Welcome to the extension of the said train

  7. Dear Sir,
    Already the train was under tremendous stress and strain from Bangalore itself. Bangalore is a major metropolis of India and the train was connecting two important Indian metropolis. Rail Traffic from Bangalore to Bombay and vice-versa is always high. It does not make sense to extend the train from Bangalore to further onwards. If need be, new trains may be introduced from Tirunelveli and Pondicherry to Bombay.. Why to touch this train. After all, Chalukya was an important Karnataka dynasty Why no protests from Karnataka.
    Yours faithfully,

    • Dear Gopalji,
      I understand the problem of People of Karnataka and it is already published in the The Hindu Newspaper. Generaly we used to book tickets for Chalukya Exp through online and boarding at B`lore. There wont be any additional crowd, besides the present crowd. Any how as the train is only a day time train, we should insist one more superfast train from Mumbai to Bangalore, since it is a profit giving route. More private buses are plying from Belgaum to B`lore and they are earning much money and they are in the hands of Politicians. Besides the above, we have to fight for a new trains for poor/middle class people. Will IR think positively for the benefit of our people..
      -mohandoss, Pondicherry.

  8. We can go to south part of Tamilnadu through this train.
    May be the chance to reduce the more rush in Tuticorin Express.
    Thanks to Indian Railway to Extent the train upto Tirunelveli.

  9. Well. At last the long expected train from Pondicherry to Mumbai via B~lore, Hubli, Belgaum and Pune is going to run from 15th of Oct of 2012. Pondicherry, the Union Territory HQ , (Shri Aurobindo City) is to be given importance. Most of the Pondicherry sourinding people are living in the areas of Hubli, Belgaum (especially for Higher studies in Medicines), Pune (upon employmnet in software) and Mumbai. I have visited Belgaum several times and it is a calm and quite beautiful place. We forget all the previous happenings occurred at Belgaum including the latest clash and live with brotherhood, as we are INDIANS and not a foreigners.

  10. Manoj Pandhari

    At last our dream to travel directly from Hubli Dharwad to Nagercoil,Kanyakumari and Tirunelveli is ckoming true. This train will not only help the piligrimage but also develops thev strong relation among three states. This will also help for the piligrimies to visit Madurai, Rameswaram also. Hope Indian Railways will fulfil this dream without further delay.


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