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Big B Amitabh on his song scene in Asoga

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A village named Asoga on the banks of river Malaprabha’s very attractive tourist place famous for its temple. This temple was built during the Kadamba kings in the mediveal period. Important sequences from the 70s hit movie ‘Abhimaan’ (featuring Amithabh Bacchan and Jaya bhaduri) were shot near the river Malprabha at Asoga. The entire song ‘Nadiya kinare’ has been shot there.

abhiman-asoga bacchan
Still capture from the Song

bacchan-asoga abhiman

abhiman  Amitabh Bacchan had said- This film was very special for Jaya and me because we had produced it. Hrishida was our godfather. SD Burmansaab gave the music and the time we spent with him during the music sittings was unforgettable. The way he’d sing, we failed to bring the essence into our recordings. I always felt that there was some kami somewhere, he would sing so beautifully. The song was shot in a village near Belagavi. Hrishida wanted a village environment with a small temple, a river, a sacred pond with its water capable of uniting two people in love. We found such a pond. Back then, Jaya and I weren’t married. It was a very special time for both of us. Jaya had long, ankle-length hair then.

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18 thoughts on “Big B Amitabh on his song scene in Asoga”

  1. after the song was filmed there it became a regular tourist/ picnic spot, there used to b a rose garden closeby, does it still exist?

    • Ya Aziz that Rose garden do exist in Asoga………….U can have fun there ………….. its a cool and good climate u can enjoy

  2. In the movie Saat Hindustani, there is a scene where my house in bgm is picturised. I am not sure if Amitabh actually came there or not. but still proud to see my house in the movie.

  3. This article reminds me of a trip I took along with few of my friends to Asoga on a rainy day in Jul 2007. We crossed the khanapur Railway crossing and headed down the muddy road to Asoga, half way through due to heavy rain and road being too slippery we had to cut short the journey without reaching final destination!
    Never the less the beauty of Asoga as captured in “Abhimaan” and the humming tune of SD were so powerful that we went to the place a few days after the failed first attempt. The place is still wonderful and the flowing river and hundreds of “Shivalingas” on the banks are mesmerizing.

    This place is a must see for any one trying to explore BGM and around, especially during the rainy season. It is great to hear Big-B mentioning about this place.

  4. i think you have not included information about a place HALASHI in this website. for more info i can give you. But please thik about it. Halashi is place where NArayan Murthi mentioned about this lpace in his speect at kannada smmelan. u can email me ……………………(i am Halashi resident)

  5. I am proud to be born in the beautifull villager of ASOGA amazing village in the district of Belgaum its a MOST PREFERABLE TOURIST SPOT IN the belgaum district . And and most beautiful scene of asoga its a village were the temple of shree RAMLINGESHWAR at the bank of the RIVER MALLAPRABHA ITS SCENES ALSO SHOW IN THE AMITABH BACHHAN MOVIE CALLED ABHIMAAN…………..AND now a days for the young students of belgaum district its became a lover point station were they are enjoing but its now banned by the villagers its an circular passed by khanapur police station that if any couples like unmarried girl n boys caugt in asoga they will be hand over to police……..

  6. All of them were staying in Hotel Milan at Belgavi for this shooting.We went there to see Amitabh , Jaya and Hrishikesh Mukharjee and all.

  7. What’s the prob if unmarried couples go there? What is the need and the reason behind handing them over to police? Cheap mentality …. Even Amitabh says in the article that he was unmarried when the scene was shot with Jaya…
    Will I be handed over to police if I come there along with my cousin sister? Coz were unmarried..? Mr.Misal?

  8. Asoga is near khanapur. This beautiful song was picturised twice and third time director made a set in a studio in Bombay.
    Abhimaan was released at Globe in Belgaum.

  9. Beautiful location visited many times ..really it’s a smart selection for that abhimaan film song …one has to visit asoga and enjoy the nature of it


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