Dharwad-Belgaum via Kittur rail line waiting for Planning commission approval


The planning commission is yet to approve the Dharwad-Belgaum via Kittur railway line. While speaking at the inuguration of the renovated Hubli station MOS Railways Muniappah said, that once the proposal is cleared and the project implemented the new line would reduce the journey time between Dharwad and Belgaum by four hours.

The ministry and Karnataka government have taken up projects involving an investment of Rs 6,000 crore. The state government will provide Rs 3,600 crore. 



  1. This is the reasomn why Hubli got International kind of railway station now and many trains. Even KSRTC, headquarted at Hubli. For Belgaum, not sure when bus stand was built in which century. Our politicians are not at all intersted in these long pending demands.

  2. Hi ABB,

    Uday can we do something so that our sleeping, elected representatives wake -up and read this article. It’s really shame that we need to remind them their responsibilities.

  3. This is all because of Hubli dharwad political lobby issue. we dont know when our politicians wake up from deep sleep?

    • Well said , the lobby wants its transport business keep floating and never want power shift to Belgaum , no wonder it took lot of time to extend few trains from Hubli to start from Dharwad instead, Our so called Belgaum leaders or electd representatives are sleeping thughs they wake up and only run for last minute cosmetic makeover of beutification and artificial make up of raods and lights in city just when some VIP is these electd representatives like to stay like a pigs in filth…..I dont know what least words can I honor them with

  4. Why the Belgaum Politicians not taking it to implement, even they can also reach B’lore early if this is implemented soon.

  5. If Govt takes seriously Nothing is impossible only thing our Belgaum Politicians should take out time for the project to Implement faster

  6. Everyone of us would agree that ,If the approval of Railway line was somewhere near our National Capital New Delhi every MP would have taken interest.

    All of us here in North Karnataka have to travel more because of long route of Railways.

    We wish to hear something positive soon.

    • Mr Nimablkar its five years now the since the project is on anvil, most of the projects in Chikkballapur and Kolar regaion are done without any feasblity since it is the home ocnstituency of State Rail Minsiter, unforutnately the sad part is He is not at all aware of Rail demogrpahies of Karnataka, just all blind approaches , our MP’ in Belguam are sleeping long , wake up only when rail budget nears…how nonsense is it to cry for funds at last movemnt,

  7. There is a derth of interest form our local elected representatives, other projects got implemented even without proper clearnce or through K-RIDE all these political thughs are just favouring and misusing funds, Why is this project still pending even though it has a high feasibility factor , some vested intersted is sure there….the cost of 369 coeres will over run in near future sure, It will certainly reduce power centre value of other cities since trains will start and treminate from here being th escond capital ..What significance do we have from these trains otherwise comming form Kolhapur and Miraj

  8. It will be approved soon !!!!
    At present ,if Doubling work is Completed as early as possible, time can be saved.
    An Intercity /Janashatabdi Train is essential for daily Commutersbetween Twin Cities an Belgaum

  9. MOS railways please get behind it and get it approved fast and then implement the same. It is the need of the hour to travel in less time for everybody.

  10. How many more years it will take? Poor Belgaum. One of the oldest railway station with only few trains.

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