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New ways to reach Hyderabad


A new special railway has been started Kolhapur – Hyderabad which will go via Belgaum – Guntkal.

The new train 07144 KOP HYDERABAD Spl will run on Monday, Tuesday, Thrusday & Friday.

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It will reach Belgaum at 11.23 am and depart at 11.25 am.

On its return journey 07143 HYB KOP SPL will run on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday and will reach Belgaum at 17.30pm on the second day of the journey.
The sad part is Haripriya express will no longer connect to Hyderabad. It. Will only go from Kolhapur to Tirupati.
KSRTC has also launched it new Volvo service To Hyderabad.

The bus will depart from Belgaum at 2030 and reach Hyderabad at 6.30 am the fare is Rs.775.

There are other options as well to travel to Hyderabad like Shantadurga travels, Kesni Travels who run on the Goa Hyderabad route via Belgaum.



  1. You are right there is no point of travelling by train as it takes practically the whole day. What is the route the bus takes and are the roads good for travelling by car

  2. Hi If Belgaum Bagalkote Raichur line comes to reality , the Raichur Mahboobnagar line is in progress, we can reach Hydrabad overnight, poor Belgaumites , have lack of guts to fights for cause goig to help us in future

    • Sadly.. Haripriya express does not go to Hyderabad anymore.. The Hyderabad service has been discontinued and it now goes only to Tirupati.


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