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Private bus operators doing the LOOT: Bus Fares hiked for holidays

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All those who planned a visit home, while going back you will need to shell more money for your bus fare as most of private bus operators like Pai, VRL have made a hike in the fares for Monday 23-02-2009.bus

 The price hike is above Rs.50 per ticket.

Take this for example:

Pai Travels: Belgaum to Bangalore

Normal Bus: Regular rate is Rs.370 special holiday price is Rs.430.
          Volvo: Regular rate Rs.
500 special holiday price Rs.550.
Interestingly fares to Mumbai have not been hiked which are very high as normal fare for Volvo is Rs.700 & regular bus is 480.

Which eventually means an Rs.60 increase on the normal bus fare and Rs.50 hike in the Volvo bus fare?

 Same is the case with VRL travels: Belgaum to Bangalore

 Regular Sleeper – Rs340/- Lower Berth – Rs430/- Upper Berth – Rs380/- 

Holiday Price – Semi Sleeper – Rs390/- Lower Berth – Rs480/- Upper Berth – Rs430/- 

 RegularNew A/c sleeper  Lower Berth – Rs510/- Upper Berth – Rs470/-

Holiday Price – Lower Berth – Rs560/- Upper Berth – Rs520/- 

 Volvo: Regular Fare 510

Holiday Fare – 560

 PVG is not charging any holiday surcharge nor is the KSRTC or Mahesh as of now.

 VRL is used to doing this from long; even I have traveled once by paying Rs.600 for sleeper. And VRL plays another game by leaving Special bus so there is no comparison you can ever make to the fare.  

 This entire price is hike is for one day Monday, which happens to be Mahashivratri a holiday and people will have to take a ticket back to work on Monday. Getting a Railway ticket which is very cheap, it only costs Rs.256 for regular sleeper, but getting the ticket is a night mare.

 We should oppose this unruly price hike made by these bus operators who are nothing but LOOTING the common man.

 When there are holidays in line like Saturday Sunday Monday; be sure the price has been hiked.

 We should all do something against this, it’s our necessity and these bus operators are exploiting the same.

 My question when the fuel prices have been brought down why this price hikes that too for one day. When the fuel prices are hiked, immediately the fares are increased but that’s not the case when prices are reduced. Why is this?

 If any of the private bus operators are reading this story I request you comment on this and explain to the public and ratify your price hike.

Jago Grahak Jago !

20 thoughts on “Private bus operators doing the LOOT: Bus Fares hiked for holidays”

  1. Per me.. I Strongly Believe that people traveling in Buses of PAI and VRL are either big Fools or Having More money to shell out….

  2. Come holidays and these Travels guys rip the holiday makers.. Its daylight robbery. They know that even if the prices are hiked by Rs.100 people still travel in their buses. They should be pulled to court for unfair trade practices. Why is that people of Belgaum take it so causally?? Put a personal ban on these travels.. I have done it for my return journey. Hope all the travellers get together and consult a laywer to file a petition. I for one would be the first to do so. Theres the recession and then we have the GREAT DAYLIGHT TRAVEL ROBBERY..even after the decreasein the fuel prices…

    Wake up join the blog and create an awarness of our rights…

      • People travelling from belgaum to bangalore and vice versa i suggest you all to travel by either SRS or shanta durga as they are providing excellent service and now srs has multi axle vovlo which is very comfortable and both the operators are regular and on time when they arrive destination…

  3. This has been happening for a long time now. Especially during festivals if you need a ticket to bgm the rates will go on from 700 plus to sometime close to 1000. And its something that we cannot avoid especially while travelling from belgaum to bangalore and back because of the sheer number of people that travel back home during these days ,Its pretty obvious that the companies are taking advantage of this and looting people.

    I would not term people as fools just cause they use this mode of transportation just becsue of the lack of choice , train tickets are almost impossible to get and the frequency of KSRTC buses is not enough to handle the number of people who travel during these times .

    And this happens right under the noses of the authorities and its high time we do something about this. Especially when the same seat is sold to more then 1 person , you can do nothing but fight in vain and the police dont even care to listen to you .

  4. Why cant we have one more exp. Train to Bengaluru & Mumbai? So that these guys will get Competition.
    If u go to Hubli these guys wont do any thing like this, b`cause of so many trains.
    I want to request all those readers of this blog to come forword n request the Railway Min. to have these Trains as our MLA`s n MP`s r of no use it is time for us to take this matter to ourself.
    As a freequnt traveller i hardly get Reservation to North or South.

  5. Guys,

    Stop using these services, I did the same, stopped travelling by VRL since they incresed Weekend/Holiday Fares. I have a very good experince with SRS Travels they charge 330/- and service is excellent.Even they book the tickets on Phone call, which is very convinient,we can pay them while boarding the bus.
    We should start using other service providers like SRS,Sugama,Mahesh,SS etc there are many…

  6. I agree with Iranna.Even I dont travel by VRL since they increased the fares.Try to use other services as Iranna told.If anybody want to take any step in this regard I would definitely support them.

  7. Hello friends,

    Yes, these private buses are looting us. VRL is useless……I travel belgaum once in 15 days or in a month…During festivals VRL CHARGES 900 to 1000 Rs and buses are very normal (worst then govn KSRTC buses)…

    I like pai service so I always book tickets in pai…but now a days they are also started to ask more money some times…I didn’t expected from them…

    About SRS I received the same feedback from others…Service is good…

    Can somebody provide the bangalore phone number to book the tikets.

  8. I admit I’m also a part of the silent mob – but does only commenting “Jaago Grahak Jaago” help? How many of us have official complained to the Ministry of Railways or the Ministry of Road Transport? None? When I visited India in Nov 2008 and on my way to Belgaum from Bangalore, I noted that I shelled out atleast Rs.200 at various toll points on the “so-called” highway. Every point charged Rs.20 and I was more than willing to pay that. But the road wasnt good anyway. So I objected to one toll collector at one of the next booth and asked him why was this toll collected? He said, “..for maintenence of road”. Fair enough! “But where’s the road?” On an unsatisfied response, I wrote to the NHAI and Ministry of Road Transport, New Delhi. After 3 months, I received a response from them apologizing for the inconvenience and assuring a good road by Nov 2009. I dont think Nov 2009 will see good roads but atleast I made them realise that they are accountable. If you shout alone, no one will hear you but if 10000 people complain to the Ministry they will have to do something about it. And, believe me it is not difficult now to send your grievences. Just go to and everything is at the click of a mouse. So, I’d rather say “Karo Grahak Karo” than simply “Jaago..”!

  9. Well the price is usually high during vacations… I came in VRL frm Bangalore to belgaum thru VRL… The bus was late by 1Hour @ pick up point..

  10. Hello,
    Contrary to the above posts, I will suggest what these operators are doing is just simple supply and demand theory in practice. When the demand for tickets is high during holidays, and people are ready to shell out more for the ticket then it is in their rights to to make "make hey when the sun shines" as they say. Now if this was a government provided service then complaining might help. Only thing people can do is stop using the service providers with increased rates and opt for other operators which haven't increased rates. Beware that as demand increases for other service providers they may increase prices too!!!

  11. I had traveled by VRL 3 time up n down to bangalore, I was so wild because when i was returning i boarded the bus at 7pm from koremangala n the bus stoped at their depot around midnight after 12, when i asked the driver, a reply was we dont stop for dinner, Again when traveling from bgm to bangalore, the bus was stoped at 3 am for dinner at their depot, and the attender says bus's leaving after 8 are not suppose to stop for dinner, what stupid i was to travel by this bus, never again i will ever travel by VRL. regarding Pai I like cause they are very particular about time,I love to travel by train but dont have the time to book tickets in advance. we should suggest or force the karnataka govt to start , the trains from Belgaum instead of Hubli.

  12. car pool is an option. all the Saturday and Sunday travelers can car pool to home by booking a ten seater on the day of travel . you can have a community of frequent travelers on a supported website and let the willing join you . it will defiantly help keep cost low if pre negotiated with a reliable owner and provide decent comfort too.

  13. Whether it is private buses or airlines, as somebody said, it is supply and demand theory that works in favor of the private operators. Operator is your choice, nothing to crib about. Private operators are capitalists, and always on the look out for increasing the profits. It is unfortunate that the Govt doesn’t have the capacity and the gap is being filled by the private sector. The Govt should act on this and increase the services during the holiday season which will keep the demand – supply in balance and thus check the hike in private bus fares.


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