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Krantiveer Sangolli Rayanna memorial Nandgad

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Krantiveer Sangolli Rayanna was the army chief of the Kingdom of Kittur ruled at the time by Rani Chennamma and fought the British East India Company till his death.

Krantiveer Rayanna was executed by hanging to death from a Banyan tree about 3 kilometers from Nandagad village in Belagavi district on 26th Jan 1831. (Born 15 August 1798).
The place where he was hanged has a small temple built near the huge banyan tree which is amidst fields away from the city.rayanna_nandgad

Rayanna’s mortal remains were buried at Nandagad. Legend says that a close associate of Rayanna planted a Banyan sapling on his grave. Unlike the usual 6 foot grave, Rayanna’s grave is 8 feet long because Rayanna was tall – more than 7 feet. The tree is fully grown and stands to this day. An Ashoka Stambha was installed near the tree.

A custom also exists where women and childless couples ask mannat (wish) of having baby like Sangolli Rayanna and they tie small cradles to the tree.

Sangolli Rayanna also participated in the 1824 rebellion and was arrested by the British, who released him later. Rayanna is considered by many historians to be the pioneer of guerilla warfare in India. The British troops could not defeat him in open battle. Hence, by treachery, he was caught in April 1830 and tried by the British; and sentenced to death.

How to go: About 38 kms from Belagavi

Take NH4A – Khanapur – take left at the Diversion towards Nandgad on SH140/SH93

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30 thoughts on “Krantiveer Sangolli Rayanna memorial Nandgad”

  1. M from nandgad only. Nd wnvr i go to that placr i start to think that day. How british cought him nd hangd to that banayan tree. Proud for him…

  2. Please share the information about Rayanna from karnataka to india.
    Rayanna was the freedom fighter, agenest to british system.


  3. THe Real #sOul, gReaT warrior ever. He had Made Fear IN British Ppl. He’s was tHe first Ledgend wHo sTood against British. Jai Hind.

  4. There is lot of misunderstanding in people’s mind that the person who fought against british are freedom fighters Which is totally wrong. Historians have to consider for what purpose they fought against the british before declaring. Sangolli Rayanna was the first freedom fighter of india who fought against the british to free india. Why the historians, politicians & TV Channels are silent? No guts to talk or claim. Shame on you people.

  5. Nandagad hogi Huttidre sangolli rayannanta maga huttali anta bedkondidde aa veer rayanna namg valida..pratiyobru maneli KRANTEE VEER SANGOLLI RAYANNA Hutti bartirli anta aa devarali sada prartane madteni..

  6. I had visited this place first time 2019…

    Positive vibrations i can feel..

    The smaraka where his mortal remains were to said to be burried, really an amazing place of positivity.

    The place and the tree where he was hanged to death still exists, and i sat there for 15 minutes doing meditation at around 7.00 in the evening in a pitch dark environment..amazing feel..

    Visited the same place on 15.08.2023, i could see big development…good landscaping around the banian tree…probably another 1 year down the line, the place becomes a nice landscape with the positivity emerges

    The place where his moral remains were burried attracts huge crowd on his birthdy and last day…and the place is well maintained and really i felt good to visit this place.


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