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Spicejet could take off from Nov 15 from Belgaum

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Sources from the Sambra Airport have confirmed that Spicejet has almost confirmed its commencement of service from Belgaum from November 15.

A team from is again expected to visit Belgaum in the next week to ascertain which routes to commence service.

Spicejet has already started its operations from Hubli from September 27, 2012.

As of now specific information on the routes is available but the team would try to ascertain the historical data on the routes and then decide on the route.
There could be a hop on flight which might be started from Bangalore to Mumbai via Belgaum.

Belgaum airport has been non operational for commercial use from November 20, 2011. One of the oldest airports in the country which was commissioned by The Royal Air Force in 1942. 

17 thoughts on “Spicejet could take off from Nov 15 from Belgaum”

  1. If starts I will be the very happiest person. becoz for me its easy to come to Belgaum from Muscat.
    now I have to come to Bangaluru or Mumbai then via Road service I am reaching Belgaum If air line starts directly we can fly from Muscat to Belgaum.

  2. Great News , A hop flight will certainly be best since Belgaum also have Aviation fuel Service fecilty from HP and bsieds the traffic on Mumbai Belgaum Sector is higher (85%) average on Bangalore it is 68% ( based on PAX load Data I had taken long back from my friend in Air Deccan ) , some times the PAX load to Mumbai Belgaum had exceeded over 172% which made Air Deccan Service to Extend Mumbai Kolhapur service to Belgaum

  3. A very good news….but will it really realize? It would be really very good if the flights start 2 Mumbai.

  4. better to have a Mum – Bgm – HBL flight as the Mum – Hbl KFA flight is as good as gone !!. This way the new flight will be almost 100% full

    • Belgaum Mumbai load is already have 100% load, fatcor, let Hubli have another service, this is the reason Air Deccan had extended Kolhapur flt also till Belguam apart from Mumbai Belgaum Hubli flt in earleir days.

  5. 3 cheers for belgaum! At last finally our belgaum airport will be operational again. I like to see MUM-BGM,BGM-KOLHAPUR,BGM-BLR. It will save precious time. But the timing,planning and proper service must. Includin of airline. A few years ago i had travelled MUM-BGM flight n my dads pocket was holed. The taxi charges should be moderated. N thats it:-):-D

  6. it’s really fantastic mews,i am very gladful to hear this as spicejet will start its operation i am residing in ABU-DHABI,and it will be helpfull to me.

  7. Great news…I hope it’s correct.. So many students from outside are studying in the Belgaum, they really need flight from Belgaum to Mumbai….it’s so important place from both educational and defence personnel view, there has to flight …


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