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Belgaum 2008 Deshmukh Road Holi video

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I just got a hand on the video of Holi 2008 celebrations on the most happening road for every holi, Deshmukh Road RPD corner. The video is nice is edited and you can get a complete feel of Belgaum Holi.

Disclaimer: Some secnes may not be suitable for viewing. This Video was put on Youtube and I am just linking it here. If children are watching this, you better watch it with your parents, some scenes may be disturbing. What is being shown is only how it was celebrated in 2008, hope it chnages today. 

See the full sized video here.

The video has been uploaded by Ulhas.

1 thought on “Belgaum 2008 Deshmukh Road Holi video”

  1. Thanks for nice video & pics. This time I could not come out n play holi due to exam fever, but I enjoyed the video. Chandan


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