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The five-minute rush at the railway gate

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Contributed by Hitesh Dharmadasani

People do not like to wait; all they want is instant. Take for example the situation when the railway gate is closed for a train to pass, even after the gate is closed you can see people trying to make way under the gate with their two wheelers. Why cant they wait for 5 minutes, after all the gate is closed for their safety.

The scene is similar on all railway gates. We need to think on this and ask ourselves are we waiting for something bad to happen and is it that only then we will realize this.

3 thoughts on “The five-minute rush at the railway gate”

  1. This is not new. Thhe difference is only in the generation. During my childhood in BGM, there was metre guage & much slower trains. But we had lots of bicycles. I have seen a fatal accident at 1st gate.
    The only solution is to have bridges/fly-overs.

  2. It takes time to change such behavior from human beings who do not know the concept of abiding by the rules. I think fining anyone who crosses the gates when its closed is one way, another way is to comeup with gates such that people cannot pass beneath it. Flyovers and bridges are expensive and in such smaller places not easier to accomplish unless planned properly. Officials have got to do something about it..


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