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The preparations for the VKS are in full swing. All the delegates can tickle their tatse buds with some great taste of food from North Karnataka.

Food would be served at the following places.

Phoenix school ground, Naganur Rudrakshi Matt, ICMR, police ground, CPEd ground, KLS college ground. The Dharmanath Bhavan has been reserved for VVIPs and VIPs.

Final Menu:

March 11:

Breakfast: Uppit, Shira, tea/coffee

Lunch: Chapati, jowar roti, badanekai masala palya, shenga chutney, curd, godhi huggi, white rice, nuggekai sambar and ragi ambali

Dinner: Masala rice (biranji anna), white rice and sambar along with Gokak kardant


Breakfast: Kande pohe and ladki ladu, tea /coffee

Lunch: Puri, kobbari chutney, mixed kurma bhaji, jalebi, white rice, curd, small kachori and ragi ambali

Dinner: kichadi, majjige sambar, white rice and sweet kunda for dinner.


Breakfast: shavige uppitu, motipak vada

Lunch: bisibele bath, curd rice, dollar papad, sajjaka, banana and ragi ambali

Dinner: Vangi bath along with mosaru bhajji

Source: TOI

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Lingraj College Grounds

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Main Stage


19 thoughts on “Dishes at VKS”

  1. I am marathi ( why no raagi mudde, no Idli Wada, Hulgi Uta, Kanna people are known for different kind of Bhajji) at this event
    I am sorry but the event should showcase Kannad culture. I would die for Huggi anytime, will never forget kesar Bhat and khara bhat, happy there is Juwar Roti ( can't remeber is it called Jholad something Roti?). Happy that Belgaum's Kunda, Gokak's Kardant is there. Disappointed that no Dharwad Pedha or Kurmure from Sankeshwar.

    • Absolutely correct buddy. There are loads of dishes of Belgaum which are not showcased/listed on the menu card. So they would have planned accordingly and would have got the things on the track.

  2. Popularity should be given to North Karnataka/Western Maharashtra Brahmin's Cultural/Traditional Food which does'nt contain THIRD CLASS ONION & GARLIC

    • Sorry, I did'nt exactly understand 3rd Class onion and Garlic? Is it right onions were one time costlier than petrol per kg. Also, some of the most tasty dishes are made from Onion and Garlic. I completely disagree with your views about onion and garlic. Garlic is excellent for health. Onions are very effect in hot summers and I don't know what you are talking about.

  3. Wonder who is paying for all the food costs…is it comming out of the tax payers pocket? or politicians corruption fund?….whoever got the contract fo supplying the food …wonder how much they had to bribe the politicians….haha…btw for people who are compaling abt 3rd class onions and garlic….remember beggars cant be choosers……


  4. let us celebrate the VKS ,Dont comment all these Small things .Not to Contravercy the Kannada & Marathi.
    it s our Frestival let us Celebrate.And one more am going to tell to Marathi Brothers Shri Chatrapti Shivray is not only Marathi Persons .His Save the all Bharat Please dont do that ………….

  5. Well, 1)Mahantesh appears to be matured,Jay N jaikars R impractical, actors of revolution. 2) Pl.Remove old spoiled news of first sentence in Popular, 3) Nandkishore is wrong,WE R WMB Settled in Bgm WE R MHR only back in home town.Bgm spoiling is only dearty politics and anti-Relational..we must appreciate good workers N be cautious while releasing comments,mahantesh We know Shivajis Father spent most of his life in south Krnt N was thankful to peoples co operation…. Narayan

  6. Hello Belgaumites…
    This is to inform that ,although the arrangement was very nice but some mishappenings were occuring which no one noticed. Anyone was allowed in JNMC campus ..many of drunk ppl were ther & passin comments on girls , who are doctors & the saviours of the society..The treatment was bad.
    Just wanted to inform for future.


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