Pay Rs50 as registration fees for VKS

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The Vishwa Kannada Sammelana is hardly a fortnight away and the organising committee now has felt that there should be a registration fee for the VKS, and Rs.50 has been fixed as the registration charges and the same was mentioned on 15th Feb and the forms must be filled by Feb 20.

The applications can be availed from Karnataka Sangeetha Nrutya Academy, Kannada Bhavan, Bangalore, and all district Kannada and culture department’s assistant director’s office. Now this gives hardly any time for one to enroll for the mega event.

Worst part the official website of the VKS does not even make a mention of the Registration fee, except on its blog page where a small paper cutting is inserted.

There is a registration page on the official website but that also does not make a mention of any fees.

There seems to utter confusion in the organising of the event of this stature, where the govt is spending crores of Rupees the people should also know where and how one will attend the VKS.

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